Best Apartment Listing Sites

February 15, 2024

Best Apartment Rental Listing Sites Tenants are on the hunt for a better apartment, condo for rent  or house for rent. They turn to Google to find an apartment rental agency. These will range from Apartmentlist to Zumper to and  Their visibility on Google's search results gives them massive traffic every single day.…

  • Rent Prices City by City

    February 06, 2024

    USA Rent Prices City by City Zumper has released its latest rent price report (January 2024) and it shows rents continuing to flatten in most US cities. Rents in southern cities are falling while rising strongly in some Northern cities. Year over year, rent prices in Cleveland (+18.8%), Milwaukee (+17.9%), Columbus (+16.8%) and Chicago (+16.7%)…

  • Improving Owner Expectations

    February 01, 2024

    The Power of Managing Landlord Expectations Some might say you can't control the weather or other people's expectations. However, in the world of business clients, it's wise to understand "the weather" and guide expectations.  In the case of a property manager, it's important to manage your client's expectations because that's what's guiding their decision-making. If owners…

  • Property Management

    January 08, 2024

    Property Management in the US As we enter 2024, a new set of demand and supply factors will color the property management industry landscape. Each area of property management including single-family, apartment, multifamily, associations, retail and commercial sectors has unique demand profiles. And rental owners will face mounting pressures from regulatory, political, residents and financial…

  • Property Management Trends

    December 29, 2023

    30 Key Trends for the Property Management Industry in 2024 As you turn your attention ahead to the new year, you might be carrying a large set of legacy business challenges with you. Rent payment delays, falling rent, rising vacancy rates, debt, fewer trained staff and higher wage costs, higher maintenance and financing costs, rent…

  • Apartment List Rent Price Report

    November 02, 2023

    Apartmentlist: Rent Drops Just Ahead? Apartmentlist, one of the leading apartments-for-rent portals online has just released their rental marketing report for October. The report shows rents dropped again last month part of a 3-month decline. The US median rent dropped by 0.7% to $1,354, and is down 1.2% YoY. It's primarily a seasonal drop, however…

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