Landlord and Tenant Insurance Costs Going Up

January 30, 2024

Home, Landlord and Tenant's Insurance Costs Rising A report by SPG Global shows US residential insurance costs are rising quickly and contributing to rent price increases. States such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon have seen significant insurance rate growth. An report has it that Farmer's Insurance Company raised premiums 19.3% by…

  • Top 12 SummerTime Property Management Projects

    Summer Time Property Management Projects Summer is a distinct season for property managers and a time when a lot of big projects must get completed. Below we offer our list of 12 most important summer time projects which landlords should be focusing on. From renovations to repairs to inspecting and cleaning, property managers, maintenance crews…

  • Moving Checklist for Renters

    June 13, 2023

    Tenant's Moving Checklist - Moving Day You've found a great new place to live! That's wonderful news for you and your family. A fresh new start to grow, experience and launch a better life. Few experiences in life are more exhilarating than moving to a new home and neighborhood. And your new landlord may be…

  • Property Maintenance Rises in Importance

    July 06, 2022

    Your New Profit Center: Maintenance Is the possibility of a recession about to alter how you'll be doing business? Will you need to adjust your property management service packages? Hopefully, you have reports that identify profitability changes and where you can achieve better results for owners. If a recession is on the way, you'll be…

  • Best Appliances, Fixtures, Materials for Rental Properties

    Best Brands for Rental Properties As we enter the spring maintenance season, quite a few property managers will be tasked to repair, replace or upgrade everything from kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, to fixing toilets, pipes, roofs and windows that are leaking. All those maintenance, repairs and replacement expenses represent a continuous drain on your…

  • Tenant Onboarding Guide

    March 22, 2022

    Onboarding New Tenants This year, given the work from home trend, increased migration, and rising rent prices, tenant churn might be on the rise. It's likely you'll be welcoming new tenants. And you may have your own thoughts and impressions about tenant churn, sometimes good (bad tenants leave), sometimes not so good (losing good tenants).…

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