California Rental Market Report

January 25, 2024

California Rental Market Report Although Florida and Texas may boast better weather and beaches than California, this state remains a magnet for newcomers of all kinds. With a population of around 40 million, it's a massive marketplace of homes, buildings, property, people and opportunities nestled in a diversified economy of farming, tourism, and technology. And…

  • Best Places to Buy Multifamily Rentals

    January 15, 2024

    Best Places to Buy Multifamily Rentals Many single-family house landlords wonder if entering the multifamily apartment market might be the ticket to higher returns. In our polls of real estate pros, they chose multifamily as the market they were committed to investing in 2023/2024. Multifamily investing means buying units in buildings which makes it a…

  • Diversify your Rental Property Portfolio

    January 08, 2024

    Advantages of Diversifying Properties One of the rising trends of the last few years and one picking up steam is the diversification of rental asset portfolios. Residential property investors are reviewing their properties and culling out those that are underperforming or have dim outlooks given the economy, costs, tax and regulatory disadvantages. Aside from technology…

  • Apartment List Rent Price Report

    November 02, 2023

    Apartmentlist: Rent Drops Just Ahead? Apartmentlist, one of the leading apartments-for-rent portals online has just released their rental marketing report for October. The report shows rents dropped again last month part of a 3-month decline. The US median rent dropped by 0.7% to $1,354, and is down 1.2% YoY. It's primarily a seasonal drop, however…

  • Corporate Landlord Selloff?

    October 24, 2023

    Corporate Landlords Selling Properties? The big news in 2023 was about corporate landlords and billion dollar-sized investment firms buying up rental houses and condos. Fast forward to late 2023, and there are signs these mega-sized firms are selling off some multifamily properties due to high financing costs and a rental market that is cooling. After…

  • Rental Apartment/House Staging

    October 12, 2023

    How to Stage Your Rental Property Research shows that staging a home for sale does work to raise perceived value and selling prices. But does it work for raising asking rents and tenant leads? One key point to make about attracting good renters, is that images of an empty rental unit don't create warm and…

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