How To Choose the Best Tenants

December 03, 2021

Choosing Great Tenants is Wise Many small to large scale landlords might agree that tenant quality is the lifeblood of most rental property investment strategies. Yet many of you may not have a thorough process to filter in the best candidates and filter out the bad ones. The best property management companies put an emphasis…

  • Rental Market Undergoing Change this Spring

    Virtual Landlord Summit Event Reveals Hope for the Apartment Sector The 2021 rental market evolved slowly and landlords reported a reversal of what happened 12 months ago. Vacancy concessions are ending, high rise rentals are being filled, and occupancy rates are rising again. There's hope that the summer season will be more promising for landlords…

  • Apartment Rental Prices USA

    December 02, 2020

    Apartment Rental Prices A trend in rent prices has swept across the  US  (and UK, Germany, Canada, Australia).  Apartment rent prices fell in major cities while house rental prices grew in pandemic destination cities and towns. While rents climb in the pandemic destination cities, apartment rent decreases in urban areas are beginning to moderate. This is…

  • Student Housing Rentals

    Investors and Rental Opportunities One of those housing markets vacated temporarily was student housing. This is a multi-billion dollar rental income market and in fact, investors poured $10 Billion into student housing ventures in 2018 alone. Yet, investment slowed quickly as interest rates climbed late in 2018. Global investment in student housing hit $16 globally…

  • Multifamily Property Report

    October 12, 2018

    September's Multifamily Property Report Cool breezes, turning leaves, and smell of apple pies and pumpkin spice make us realize the fall season is here. Okay maybe there's too much pumpkin spice these days, but we can never get enough of rental markets, apartment prices, rent price ratios and desired yields. Big decisions await us in…

  • New York City Apartment Rental Prices

    June 18, 2018

    New York Rental Prices Rising Again Considering a move to NYC this summer or fall? With such low vacancies and high prices, you'll need to take your rental search seriously to find an affordable apartment or home in this year's rental market. The multifamily property market is looking again after a flat period. Investors, landlords…

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