Evolving Services for Property Management Companies

November 21, 2020

The Pandemic Effect on Management Services Landlords and property management companies are on the front line of the Covid 19 pandemic and many are suffering financially and personally, while others are okay. Despite the pain many some apartment landlords have experienced, most in the industry have developed a newfound respect for their role in the…

  • Spending on IT Transformation Quickening

    July 10, 2020

    Businesses are Spending on Digital Transformation You would think most companies would avoid expenditures and improvements during a pandemic.  Yet a recent survey shows business owners are pressing ahead with business technology transformation. It appears they view digital technologies as a must do progression to keep themselves in business and perhaps to gain an insurmountable advantage. …

  • The Mobile Landlord/Property Manager

    November 04, 2019

    Property Managers on the Move Have you been thinking about ditching the office expense completely and going mobile? It's a trend as property costs are rising so fast. And the advantages of going completely mobile isn't just reduced expenses. Mobile can make you feel a lot better, open your mind to growth, and improve your…

  • Smart Home Tech for Landlords

    October 19, 2019

    Smart Home Tech is in Demand Technology has entered almost every aspect of property management today. The new smart home technology is enticing both landlords and property managers.  We're all wondering if it's ready and what benefits it will offer. Just as property managers are enjoying the convenience and power of high tech property management…

  • Cloud Property Management Benefits Updated

    Being on the Cloud is Heavenly Here we go again extolling the virtues of this mysterious thing called the cloud. How can you not expect mystery when you call something the cloud? Yet recent industry reports suggest the cloud is responsible for the more rapid adoption of property management software worldwide lately. It's certain that…

  • Proptech Solutions

    Proptech for Property Managers and Realtors What will continue as hot topics in 2020 for property managers and realtors?  Yes, the best property management solutions and that includes, apps, hardware, and management strategies. And each year it seems is the year of PropTech. As property professionals try to keep pace with technology and leverage its amazing…

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