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Switching to a Next Generation Platform

Switch to a Modern Solution

Now that we’ve outlined the business value of a next generation property management software we’d like to help you surmount any reluctance to modernize with ManageCasa’s amazing platform.

Let’s review the benefits of upgrading to ManageCasa. Please remember that we are dedicated to helping you improve on your current and future productivity goals.

Key Benefits When You Upgrade to ManageCasa

  • increases speed and capabilities of your property management platform
  • centralizes rental real estate portfolios
  • leverages the ubiquitous and less costly cloud computing network
  • automates property management tasks, reducing manual input, errors and rework
  • makes property and tenant management a simple, enjoyable process

Should You Be Switching to a Next Generation Solution Now?

If you wait to upgrade and switch, will your backlogs, expenses, and challenges just increase in 2022? Could a damaging business crisis and lost accounts be just ahead? A next generation property management software is the only one which can help you listen and foresee vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, losses, and also know what’s working well.

You might know why you’re procrastinating about switching, but here’s the likely reasons:

  • you’re not sure which platform or new tools to adopt
  • doesn’t seem to have all the features you want
  • lack of energy to migrate to and learn the new property management platform
  • you can’t get a break in your business activity to make the upgrade
  • you’re not sure of the cost
  • you can’t quite justify it with numbers or see the revenue growth advantage
  • you’re not sure if your staff will like the new solution
  • keeping the status quo, you’re hanging on until the pain is just too much to bear

If there’s something specific, please do speak to our experts as there’s no doubt we can help you.

It’s wise to not wait for a crisis to overcome inertia. Too many business people do that.  Procrastination is frustrating and gets you down. Action to move forward and improve will solve all issues.  If you’ve been reading our blogs and checking out the value of modern software, you know this will lead to a substantial gain in productivity and profitability.

Let’s Focus on the 7 key Reasons that Will help get you Unstuck:

  1. the solution is easy for staff to learn and use
  2. real-time data improves decision making
  3. mobile management and remote secure data access lets you get your property management work done anywhere, anytime
  4. automation will reduce workloads and stress, automate your tenant acquisition and leasing process and access better incoming tenants
  5. make your business look more professional/modern capable of managing growing portfolios
  6. integrated, real time communications keeps everyone on the same page and working as one entity
  7. migration of your data to ManageCasa is easy and we can help make this process seamless and quick

Planning Your Migration

Our team is ready to help with your migration to our system. Our IT experts can help you migrate your business data over to ManageCasa and deal with any glitches or errors in your legacy data (cleansing). These are technical matters which IT pros know all too well, and they’re used to smoothing that migration path out. You’re in good hands.

The transition is typically easy and relatively quick and our customers have enjoyed the switch.

Since the dashboard and services are designed for ease of use, your staff will be comfortable in no time too. Of course, set up and personalization are required so the system will work as you need it.  If you’re using a legacy solution right now, the functionality will be better and you’ll enjoy an emotional lift when you begin using ManageCasa.

Start the process by opening a ManageCasa account, then speak to our sales team to get this in motion. We’re looking forward to working with you.


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