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Switching Property Management Software

It’s Wise to Upgrade to Better Software

There’s two types of property management companies today. The first group are those who are using software.  Research shows these managers aren’t all that happy with their solutions.

Cloud based software has a lot to offer

The other group are those property managers who haven’t moved to fully automated systems, other than their spreadsheets, desktop hard drives, email, and online banking. There’s not many of them left now and they’re experiencing difficulty keeping up to changes.

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Inadequate Systems — Your Number 1 Liability

This latter group is in trouble because owner/landlord clients are considering other companies with more modern capabilities.  And landlords/propety managers are wise about that since, these modern property management tools make a big difference in profit, work accomplished and compatibility with tenant needs.

A sizable number of property management companies are using outdated but popular software solutions.  Unfortunately, the technical and account management tools are inadequate and client support is disappearing. Their accounting functions in particular are not sufficient for 2019.

Old software affects your whole management team and service network.  That means a crisis for some property management companies and those you serve.

No worries, new software solves that.

Much Needed Benefits of a New Property Management Solution

⦁ better more reliable and accurate accounting
⦁ happier staff and easier workloads
⦁ collect rent faster
⦁ better reporting to owners
⦁ better tenant communications/management
⦁ compatible with your other software

If you’ve done a business health checkup lately, or you’ve noticed you’re noticing rework and duplication is eating up time, you may realize it’s only going to get worse.  Upgrading your software is a key business decision. This software is essential to property manager’s time efficiency, sustainability, and profit.

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We’ve Been Using One but it’s Not Great

Surveys have shown most property managers do use property management software. If that’s you, you might be wondering what will go wrong when you gravitate or switch over to the new cloud based solutions.

Don’t worry, you’ll manage the changeover just fine. Companies make this transition every day. Keep your mind on the new upgraded capabilities you’ll be enjoying.

You can do this easy if you start trying out other solutions. A free trial can give you the confidence and insight you need as to whether it will serve your purposes.

Some software sellers try to scare property managers with tales of frustration, stress, broken systems, and downtime. If your current solution is that bad, you’ll be glad to adopt a better property management software. Truth is you can do your research, ready your team, get their input, do a trial, and let your tenants and landlords know you’re making the switch to better software. They’ll like that you’re improving and it may change their decision to dump you.

Your Switchover Checklist

Your first action is to build a checklist to evaluate each task and each goal you need to achieve.

You’re going to be testing out the solution’s accounting functions, document management, ticket maintenance, tenant communications, contractor communications, and its analytics and reporting functions. If you do need help with this transition, a good software consultant can assist.

To summarize, here’s an itemized list of key checkpoints to examine before you switch software solutions:

  1. accounting – how good is the itemized descriptions and reports?
  2. accounting – does the software let you separate your financial activities from your clients?
  3. accounting – does this help your bank reconciliation? What gaps are present?
  4. accounting – can you get rid of all your spreadsheets?
  5. language support – can you get support in french, german or spanish if needed?
  6. tenant communications – is messaging fast and automated?
  7. tenants – is it easy for them to understand and use?
  8. tenants – does real time communication actually work?
  9. data – are you recording all important information?
  10. maintenance – can you coordinate maintenance tickets and contractors efficiently?
  11. contractors – will more contractors enjoy working with you because the software respects their time and preparation for maintenance/repair calls?
  12. owners – are your reports desciptive enough to help owners understand the real time state of their assets?
    does it make onboarding easier?
  13. can you rewrite and renew leases fast and ensure everyone is on the same page?
  14. can you automate tenant rent payments and disbursements to owners?


Make Your Property Management Routines a Breeze

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