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Why do Property Managers and Landlords Switch Software?

Each year, property managers in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and Canada choose to move to a new property management platform.

Of course, their business changes, technology changes, and they expect more from their property management software.

Why would so many decide to change their software provider?

  1. they can’t offer their landlord clients the level of property management service expected
  2. the cost of the software has risen out of control
  3. overall business costs are making them review every area of their business
  4. the software is all about itself and not about best service provision of services
  5. the software is difficult for staff to learn and use
  6. provider’s customer service isn’t top notch
  7. doesn’t streamline/automate to assist with productivity gain/error reduction
  8. workloads are increasing and their current solution can’t handle it
  9. software features and compatibility are outdated or redundant
  10. software forces them to buy features they don’t need
  11. trialing and moving to a new solution is easier
  12. government regulations require better data security and transparency in operations
  13. they need better professional level accounting power
  14. they’re looking ahead to the next 5 years and acquiring a next generation solution

When we say switch, it’s a good change, one the powers up your business. A new solution that fits your actual property management needs, fitting in with the solutions you already use and will continue to use. Other software isn’t that simple or flexible.

10 Great Benefits of Switching Property Management Software

    1. less expensive and you get the exact features you need
    2. upgraded UX simplifies landlord and property manager’s workload
    3. improved communications with tenants and contractors
    4. more willingness from tenants, landlords and contractors to agree to use the software
    5. easier leasing, onboarding, and repair/maintenance request handling
    6. improved oversight of work in progress
    7. easier to learn and use
    8. works well with your other software with no redundancy
    9. improved cash flow and fewer late payments
    10. relieves you of the limitations and frustration of your current solution

Software that isn’t Simple Fails its Purpose

Yes, software has to be simple. So here’s your pep talk to encourage you to re-examine what software you think you need. Knowing what you don’t need and is creating extra work and cost is wise too. If you switch property software, you’ll be doing it for the right reasons.

Perhaps your current software was your first solution, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Sometimes switching is makes good sense if it solves problems.

Given a booming rental property investment market, property management software is hot, and a lot of these hundreds of services are overhyped and overpriced. Landlords would like to switch, but don’t know what to switch to. This is your first step.

Software That Really Wasn’t Made for Your Situation

There’s plenty of expensive, complex, multifeatured property management software available today. It gives you the same feeling as when you try on some new clothes at a clothing store.  When it doesn’t fit, you take it off, and go and get something that does fit.

A lot of the popular software you find on Google or review sites is designed for large property management companies who have hundreds to thousands of properties. And the maze of features and inputs required are baffling. That’s why you want to switch. It just doesn’t fit.

These massive, proptech software coding solutions are cumbersome, difficult to learn, and expensive and time consuming to use. It’s like using a Jumbo jet to drive to get to your property to do maintenance.

For property managers with portfolios under 5,000 units, there’s no need to stick with an overboard solution.

If your solution is an outdated one with all sorts of incompatibilities, something that perhaps in vogue back in 2010, then upgrading to a next generation solution should be a pleasant experience. It’s nice to know you’re up to date and government compliant.

And modern software such as ManageCasa is always on and updated. You don’t have to be involved in technical challenges.  SaaS solutions are popular because of that convenience.

A Simple Software Solution Landlords and Owners Love

You need a simple, modern SMB property management software solution.
It’s designed with small businesses and landlords with one or two buildings to manage. If that’s you, and you’ve never used property management software, this version is more suited to your business needs.

What a Simple Solution Looks Like

Large vs Small Property Portfolio Solutions

The software you need depends on the number of properties you’re managing plus the amount of work each property and tenant represent. If you have 200 units, a rapid turnover of tenants, constant breakdowns in your buildings and units, and you’re not concerned about close communication and customer service, then software probably isn’t your problem.

Landlords Are Important

Yes, our unappreciated landlords interact directly with tenants to solve real life problems. If you’re a landlord, you’re looking for software that’s easy to use and lets you inform tenants and see their responses. Deep technical analysis isn’t needed nor is tax filing, balance sheets, and revenue outlooks. Here, it’s all about people.

Simple Software Everyone is Willing to Use

There’s a lot to be said about simplicity and convenience.  Yet clients who switch to ManageCasa receive much more in value and work productivity for their business. Its incredible accounting and operations management power is  accessed through a browser or our mobile application.

Reflect on the downside of buying software which you don’t really need.  Switch to a user-friendly solution you will understand and control.  If your staff don’t have the management skills and are stressed to keep up, then a simplified solution is the right choice.

Take Another Look at ManageCasa’s online property management solution.


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