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Summer Tips for Keeping Cool while Cutting your Electricity Bill


1. Close those blinds!

Approximately 30% of heat comes through your windows. Especially for east and west facing windows, utilizing blinds, curtains, or shades helps keep your home nice and cool.



2. Get rid of Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lightbulbs waste around 90% of their energy through heat, which means heating the room for you. Trade them in for compact fluorescent lamps instead.



3. Get creative with your fans

If you have a fan at home, a simple trick to do take an ice pack or bag of ice, position it in front of the fan, and the air from the fan starts spinning out extra chilled air.



4. Seal A/C Ducts

To maximize your A/C efficiency, seal and insulate any ducts that run through basements or attics. It may seem like a chore, but it will save you major electricity costs.



5. Invest in Infrastructure for Keeping Cool

A few simple things that can make a huge difference in temperature include: permanent insulation for your windows, thicker, light-colored blinds to reflect the sun, or even adding plant trees or vines in front of windows or doors to offer more sun protection.

6.  Close Doors and Vents

This one may seem obvious, but many people forget this! For the rooms that you don’t use, one way to save on energy bill costs is to close off the vents in these rooms, and close the door. Your house will cool down much faster while being energy efficient!


7. Crack the Windows In the Night
Summer evening temperatures can drop. Sleep in the perfect summer evening temperature by opening your windows in the evenings.

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