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How To Create Successful Tenant and Member Parties

Why Hold a Big Tenant Event?

4th of July Tenant Party

4th of July Tenant Party

If you use social media, then no doubt you’ve seen pictures of endless parties and awards dinners where managers laud their own and celebrate their achievements.

Less however, are pictures and videos of these same companies lauding and celebrating customers — such as clients, rental tenants and HOA members.

There’s an obvious problem with that besides the optics of the missing and most prized celebrants. With event/holidays happening throughout the year, you’ve got many chances to make a hit with your tenants and association members.

This year’s 4th of July celebration in the US is a perfect example. Celebrate with your tenants for great bonding with them and keep them loving their rental lifestyle.

Make Tenants/Members Your Top Priority

Never See Good Tenants Wave Goodbye

While supporting morale and recognizing staff accomplishments is certainly important in running a great association or property management company, celebrating tenants and HOA members should be priority number one.

In fact, it may be the only way you have to improve renter morale, extend leases, raise rents, and get cooperation from them.

If it’s good for you and good for them, then a fun event is something you should arrange right now. And how many tenants would turn down a barbecue or pool party event where there’s some nice giveaways? Just like any marketing effort, you add value until you get the results you need.


Adopting a spirit of generosity and fun is essential for making tenants feel good, wanted and to activate them


Begin with the Goal

Start with the desired and envisioned end goal for your tenant party (connecting, improving engagement, better relations, and helping them enjoy their lives more), then work backwards to what you must offer to make your event a stellar success. Always begin with your goal.

Here’s a few of the rewards/goals:

  • reinforces the value of renting from you
  • helps to make tenants see property management staff as humans not machines
  • demonstrates how tenants and members are valued and appreciated
  • reinforces the value of participation (socializing, making a difference, creating connections)
  • eases resentment about rent increases, lack of amenities, and their association membership dues
  • creates a more positive lifestyle experience in your community
  • helps you focus on creating more value for them
  • creates better relations and fostering cooperation in your community

Given those nice benefits, the idea of an ongoing business with happy customers is something everyone in your company should visualize and rally around. Tenants first!

We should never take our businesses for granted, and the cost of organizing parties and events is surprisingly low. Some property management companies do have budgets, social coordinators and directors for managing events. They’re always looking for the right idea for a party or just a coffee and cake bar or other event ideas to help them communicate caring and appreciation.

We’ve listed a number of tenant party ideas that could make your tenants seasons seem wonderful despite scorching heat, terrible winter storms, and all the rest that exhausts them and takes away their joie de vi’vre.

The Art and Science of Fun and Relaxation

Whatever type of party event you’re looking for and considering, we’ve got some ideas on how to make it successful. Whatever makes them feel good, and want to attend your event should be your purpose. Whatever else you hope to achieve (business goals) may be magically and automatically achieved as well. At least it makes it easier.

Lindsay Konlande of IREM’s Houston Office offered her ideas on successful tenant event hosting.  She says to communicate well and keep your tenants in mind.

To communicate well then, you might choose printed paper flyers to augment your SMS or tenant portal messages, to ensure reach in multiple ways. Sometimes one single medium doesn’t reach or make sufficient impact.

And really, the word impact is notable. All social organizers know about people’s inertia, and how a little nudge gets people up and involved.

What is the Real Message You Need to Communicate?

Part of your overall communications that’s vital too, is the consistent message that your business is all about them. They resist when they see all your internal celebrations (for example, see real estate sales company’s social posts) and no celebrations and concern for client’s wide range of needs and desires. All of that works against your company.

It is a pleasure and a valuable asset, when one of your staff members, gifted in word play, visuals and being social enters the project. Social people speak the language of giving, sharing and participating and when they enter, tenants are lifted. Because people relate to people which is what events are all about.


Combine the right messaging with a great venue and some panache for decorating, and you’ll be creating the mood and experience tenants and members can’t resist.


Business only gets done when people feel good. Tenant events then solve business problems.

Involve your staff member who is most sociable, likable, and energizing. Their flair for pleasing people might be one of your most underutilized assets.

What You Need for a Great Event

  1. a unique theme that’s relevant, useful, comfortable and inviting for your tenants
  2. a venue/place that’s open and inviting
  3. a decorating idea that creates a unique visual/audio mood
  4. tasty popular food/drinks/audiovisual equipment (from an upscale coffee shop or deli you are sure they like)
  5. chairs, tables
  6. giveaway items, contest item such as money gift cards or event tickets
  7. invite local businesses to offer free samples to tenants

These events will enhance the reputation and brand of your company and all staff. That’s why generosity is a key theme in it. Freely giving value shows unguarded proof of sincerity that you can’t wait to make them feel good. Your lack of restraint in participating, sharing, giving is what makes impact.

Emotional impact improves all future engagements and exchanges. They will remember your intent so be generous!


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