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Login Password Nightmares

Do you have a list of usernames and passwords for all the websites, apps, and services you use? Then you you know the pain, exhaustion and confusion that surrounds admin access.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve logged into the wrong Facebook, Twitter, or other service account and posted things on the web. The only thing that revealed I was in the wrong account, was a tiny, inconspicuous icon on the browser. When you’re busy, your mind doesn’t see tiny icons.

And web security has become very strict. Even logging in from a new IP address can get you shut out. It’s not long before you and your IT person is locked into the login nightmare.

Time’s Awasting

In some professions, the need to logon and log off is also significant time waster. However, today, security is critically important, because hackers are trolling with sophisticated hacking tools.  And users are held accountable for whatever happens if their login credentials are used.

Yet when you’re forced to remember usernames and passwords which need to be changed every 3 months for security reasons, it’s psychologically exhausting. And keeping all your security info in a word doc creates risk that a hacker could access it.  If hackers can break into government, military, and bank data centers, they can probably get at your passwords on your smartphone or laptop.

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People are wondering if there might be a solution to all the logon madness and hacking worries.

There are solutions. In fact, you’ve likely used Facebook or Disqus to login to a number of website accounts. So the multi-login procedure is common. If you consider the time waste across the world from login processes every day, you see the value in these login solutions.

Lessen the Load for Busy Property Management Staff

Everyone in your property management office is trying to keep up with their work. For small property management companies, this admin makes up a good part of a day’s work. Trying to maintain passwords and logins, time tracking, then organize tasks, and keep tenants happy, is a pain. It keeps all of you from the things that generate revenue.

Easing Administration for Busy Property Management Offices

ManageCasa is one such solution that offers an all in one app with one login. With your single login, your staff can access all the property management apps and do your tasks uninterrupted. Your tenants and contractors can login the same way — Once for your landlord apps and property management apps. It’s so easy.

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What If I Use Many More Apps than Just ManageCasa?

Most digital workers use a lot of apps everyday. The solution for that is the (SSO) single sign on service. The reluctance about single login services might be trust. IT administrators may prefer to keep everything in house so they know it’s secure.

However, you likely use numerous social media accounts, a wordpress account, banking apps, and endless apps and productivity software services online such as dropbox and G Suite, slack, and office 365. You can get all of them under one password service.

The Single Sign-On (SSO)

There is actually a technical programming protocol for single log ins.

Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems. With this property, a user logs in with a single ID and password to gain access to a connected system or accomplished using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and stored LDAP databases on (directory) servers … Other shared authentication schemes such as OpenID, and OpenID Connect . — From Wikipedia.

Here’s a few of these SSO software startups – Just received $100 million in growth financing


OneLogin Desktop

Make Your Day Easier

Here you see two solutions for your property management staff. Try them out to see how much time they could save your business. And remember time is money.

ManageCasa Property Management Software


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