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Becoming A Software Empowered Property Manager

Simplicity Does Empower

Tens of thousand of new property managers are joining the profession each year. While some will improvise in how they do their work by using spreadsheets to manage expenses and revenues, etc, others will try out powerful simple, cloud-hosted software that controls every aspect of their daily property management work.

Old school property management can be demoralizing, costly and disempowering. That’s getting off on the wrong foot.

For a property management software solution to work, it must fit your business and you have to like the feel of it, and deliver easy to use services, otherwise it isn’t giving us the confidence and performance we expect. As the housing market grows again and your portfolio starts to increase, you’ll gain competitive advantage with a good property management platform.

Software That Feels Good

That good feeling indicates you’ve made a good decision. If you’re going to be confident you’ve chosen the right software solution, it should fit your business. From the ease of the technical help it gives you, to the feel of the user interface, when the UX is in your comfort zone, it makes you happy to go to work.

The best property management software helps you create the very best customer experiences.

The key to letting software empower your business then is to adopt it gradually, mastering each component so you can see the potential of each and master it. Adopted en masse, an all-you-can-eat software overwhelms and you never get a good feel for its real business use. And you never learn to like it.

The Bigger the Software — The Weaker the Connection to Tenants

As an example of bad fit, some email marketing managers have very powerful email marketing software with marketing, analytics, and CRM features. When clients use it however, they find that it provides too many options and misleading, phantom insights.

The variety of options for audience segmentation, messaging, drip campaigns, follow up, and more is overwhelming. The end result — poor communication with customers and eroded trust. They get turned off by inappropriate, impersonal, automated messages, that waste their time.

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The email software tries to be too much and ends up eroding the customer base.

In the End, with Customers, Simplicity is Vital

Simplicity is interpreted as consideration and respect by tenants. When a solution feels tailored to them, they feel special. It’s the same with you as a landlord or property manager. When the software fits your business, you feel content and confident.

When your software is simplified, you can conduct your accounting tasks, reporting, and maintenance tickets with ease.

8 Ways ManageCasa Software Helps Empower

1. helps you communicate directly and be more responsive with owners, landlords, contractors and tenants
2. helps bring your business closer to todays mobile renters giving them the ease of direct texting, online payment, account summaries, lease documents, within one central app
3. lets your tenants pay online, text, submit photos, and maintenance requests from their phones
4. provides simple, ease to execute accounting functions with insightful reporting
5. helps tenants understand and solve their own inquiries for faster satisfaction
6. works with your other legacy software
7. is hosted on the cloud – no installation or admin required and it’s always ready to work
8. helps you greatly improve your daily work efficiency

So while many property managers first thoughts about property management software is automation of accounting tasks, the real matter is how it fits with your business.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that if we enjoy work and feel good about the tools we use daily, that we’ll end up performing much better and make less mistakes.

Try out ManageCasa, see its simplified accounting, document management, account management and tenant customer service features.  Consider ManageCasa for your empowering software choice.

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