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Becoming A Software Empowered Property Manager

Powering up with SaaS Software

As we approach 2023, there are still many landlords not using the best management systems available.

Our industry is reputed to have the lowest technology adoption rates. With regulation and complexity increasing, and a need for efficiency paramount, managers must test out (and switch) products until they acquire the one best suited for their specific rental management needs.

While you can keep operating this way, the question of profitability, management reputation, and lost opportunity will keep mounting. The decision to adopt today’s solutions will help you maximize the accounts you have.

Retain Your Tenants/Owners and Make them Happy

The key is to focus not on growth for now, but rather to retain the cherished tenants you have.  And if you’re a property manager with lots of owner clients, this upgrade will help you keep them as customers. Making technology available can help you keep today’s tech savvy tenants.

When landlords think about property management software, it has the reputation of clunky programming on a server hard drive, which requires all sorts of technical computer knowledge. The fact is, ManageCasa was designed and developed from the beginning to make work easier. And we have helpful and knowledgeable experts to help you with any challenges.

Software That Feels Good

Do you remember the good feeling you felt when you made a good decision?

You’re going to relive that emotion and find your workday a lot easier.

Hosted software is a platform for your rental management business is an online dashboard giving all the controls you need. It’s designed to be simple, allowing you understand your business better, and easily process your daily financial transactions, write and edit leases, write and edit vacancy ads and publish on top rental advertising sites.

You’ll find bookkeeping and accounting a breeze. The software automates many transactions so you don’t have to be an expert or be brought down by the tedious repetition of business accounting.

The best property management software helps you create the very best customer experiences. Communicating with your tenants will be simple too. Less distraction with a direct link between them and you. All communications are private and they’ll have quick access to resources on their tenant portal.

Renters can pay their rent online and set up automatic payments with their banks.

Let your tenants initiate repair/maintenance visits, while saving you from too many phone calls. By easing your workload, you have more time to spend on essential, business-critical activities.

A simplified property management software such as ManageCasa saves you time and makes managing so easy via your online dashboard.  It’s all designed with you in mind to make work easy.


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7 Ways ManageCasa Software Helps Empower

1. helps you communicate directly and be more responsive with owners, landlords, contractors and tenants
2. helps bring your business closer to todays mobile renters giving them the ease of direct texting, online rent payment, account summaries, lease documents, within one central app
3. lets your tenants submit photos, and maintenance requests from their phones
4. provides simple, ease to execute accounting functions with insightful reporting
5. helps tenants understand and solve their own inquiries for faster satisfaction
6. is hosted on the cloud – no installation or admin required, always updated, and it’s always ready to work
7. helps you greatly improve your daily work efficiency

Feeling Good Tells You You’ve Made a Good Decision

It shouldn’t be a surprise that if we enjoy work and feel good about the tools we use daily, that we’ll end up performing much better and make less mistakes.

Try out ManageCasa, see its simplified accounting, document management, account management and tenant customer service features.  Check out our very affordable pricing and discover how valuable it is to you.


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