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Choosing the Right Property Management Software

6 Steps to Choose the Right Software

Choosing the right property management software is perhaps the single most important decision ahead of you.

Whether you’re moving to a modern SaaS cloud-based system, or wanting a more appropriate payment and accounting solution, it’s not easy to prioritize the decision factors.

Your property management system is more than a collection of features you buy as though you were at the candy counter. It’s the big picture results in performance, efficiency, staff comfort, and management insights that actually matter. And, at the end of the day, it’s all about freeing up time to focus on your key business tasks.

Important: Finding the Right Fit for Your Company

It’s not enough to buy all the bells and whistles features in a property management software.  Shopping for a platform is a process of learning what you actually need and prioritizing the benefits that create business success.

Here’s the usual wants from managers:

  • powerful, dedicated property accounting module with smart automation
  • online rent payment and bill payment functionality
  • marketing and vacancy listing advertising
  • leasing management and improved turnover management
  • easy management of online maintenance requests and scheduling
  • online portal to enable tenant self-services

For most, an all in one platform provides all of these features. Some such as ManageCasa™ are professional level solutions with unrivalled strengths in accounting, expense management, and property maintenance services.

ManageCasa™ streamlines your business. The centralized dashboard is simple, easy to use, and provides the ultimate in confidence for landlords and property managers.

What Do Property Managers Not Like?

Property Management Software Screen

Top Complaints about Software Solutions are typical:

  1. too difficult for staff to learn – intimidating, frustrating, deflating
  2. doesn’t fuse with company’s other software
  3. promising much but not delivering real-time and money-saving results
  4. software oversteps its true core competencies and thus creates more problems
  5. time-consuming migration and adoption process
  6. tenants, investors, and contractors not liking it

How To Choose the Right Software

It’s all about finding the right property management software for your company. You need a process to comb through all the offerings you find online. The keys to the best are in automation efficiency and simplicity.

The big corporate level solutions which launched in the early 200’s present cost and service quality issues since these are designed for large, commercial level applications. These companies prefer the profitability from large multifamily property management companies.

Other solutions focus on small to mid-sized firms and their typical business challenges.  These offer the best value and performance for your needs.

Comparisons and assessments are time-consuming. Which is why you’re doing the legwork yourself at this point.  While this is checklist of details, keep your decision making focus on all in one simplicity, ease of use, and automation efficiencies, as these free up your staff time, allowing you to get to your more important business activities.

A good SaaS solution such as ManageCasa lets you re-invest a lot of time to your key business activities.

A 6 Step Review Process:

  1. establish what you need the software to do for your business such as those tasks that are mission critical and other services you’re not doing well now – lease management, double-entry accounting, lease based accounting, automation for bills, disbursements and reconciliation, online rent payment, and flexible insightful reporting, along with effective tenant communications
  2. determine whether it will work with your current software, partners, etc. and if it’s scalable for growth
  3. assess whether it’s easy to use, intuitive, and find out if your staff will like it
  4. ascertain whether and how it helps you meet your state regulatory compliance and financial requirements
  5. determine its accounting power and whether it can help you manage your expenses for each individual property effectively
  6. determine whether it is saving you administration time or if it built to nickle and dime you out of money with escalating charges

It’s All About Questions

At this point, you’re not yet aware of all the questions to ask about a property management software product. That’s fine, by focusing on the essentials, you’re solving your key requirements.  Afterward, you can  discover additional value it might provide and any sticky issues you have.

It’s not an easy decision to switch to a new platform, so in the process of speaking with our reps, you want to have your important questions ready to discuss. They can help work through each so you’re confident this transition to ManageCasa will go smoothly and you’ll get the efficiency, control and comfort you and your staff need.

More than an Accounting Software

Landlords and managers put an emphasis on property accounting when researching solutions. Not surprising. Accounting excellence adds significant value to property performance not to mention achieve continuous compliance and accurate information owners can rely on.  Investigate more of the value in property management accounting software.

One way to learn quickly and deeply about all apps including accounting, rent collection, maintenance management and more is to schedule a demo of the software. Gently, slowly, without commitment, immerse yourself in the solution to better understand your needs.

We’re confident you’ll be able to work through this evaluation systematically and successfully.  At its conclusion, you will have completed what may be the most important decision for your business long term success –  acquiring the best software to be the foundation of your business going forward.

Rest assured ManageCasa is engineered for property managers with the payment, accounting, maintenance scheduling, and tenant communications power a professional expects.

If you have more questions about how you should approach your property management software decisions, you should talk to us directly.  Arrange for a Software Demo right now.


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