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How to Select Property Management Software

Select the Software You Need

Going from confused to clarity is your 2024 technology upgrade journey.  And the first step in automating, optimizing and powering up property management services and revenue is to be clear about your key business ailments.

This post helps you define those specific pain points that are keeping your business stuck and in the past.  We want you to be clear on those tripping points that keep you from adopting more effective software.


The benefits are pretty clear too: easier workloads for your tired staff, fewer errors and rework, smoother automated processes, automatic rent payments, insightful reports, and simplifying your accounting. 


Focus: Your Top 5 Pain Points

We urge you right now to write down on paper, the top 5 work problems you’re suffering. Then you can work backwards to the reasons why they keep happening.  It might not be apparent as to why your staff are overworked, lack skills/motivation, why tenant communications are poor, why margins are falling, or how your budget is being eaten up mysteriously.

However, these top 5 paint points might lead you to real business-rescuing insights.

Sure, SaaS-based automation will clear a lot of that out in one swoop, but you want proof that your specific, top 5 performance-killing ailments are going to be addressed and resolved.

Clarifying the Features that Solve Business Pain

In this post, we help you establish your key problems out of the many you have.  Your top 5 pain points are those persistent problems which  waste valuable time, generate friction with owners and tenants, and result in unnecessary rework.

To find your 5 BIG Pains, consider:

  • which manual tasks are repeated
  • which types of tasks have low completion rates
  • what is eating up your budget
  • how responsive and capable your staff are in resolving maintenance tickets
  • why tenants always come to you for solutions
  • why your tenants always seem uninformed and disinterested
  • why you attracted and leased to the wrong tenants for higher churn rates and turnover costs
  • why you keep processing payments manually
  • and why you struggle to acquire good information to make smart decisions

Don’t move on until you’ve committed to writing down your top 5 pain points.  This is how you’ll gain clarity, so you can move forward.

The Most in Demand Software Features

If you review ManageCasa’s service features, you’ll learn what most rental property managers are struggling with. The software responds to your key pain points, giving you inspiration and confidence that you can finally get these problems rectified.

  • simplified user interface requiring less training and personal expertise (staff are overworked and finding tasks too complicated)
  • integrated dashboard helps staff get more accomplished (too many tools not integrated)
  • powerful, dedicated property accounting module with smart automation (serious accounting power which property accountants love)
  • online rent payment and bill payment functionality (automated payments eliminate low value admin work)
  • vacancy listing ad syndication (automated listings for better tenant acquisition)
  • leasing management tools to improve turnover costs (easing tenant changeups and the work involved)
  • easy management of online maintenance requests and scheduling (automating and helping tenants provide essential information)
  • online portal to enable tenant self-managed-services (tenants love self-service and it saves managers time)
  • professional grade accounting for real-time, accurate reporting, and lease-based automation

What Do Property Managers Not Like about their Software?

Landlords and PM’s often speak of how solutions didn’t meet their needs:

  • too difficult for staff to learn – intimidating, frustrating, deflating
  • not integrated with your other software (payments/accounting)
  • lacking essential features
  • promising much but not delivering real-time and money-saving results
  • software oversteps its true core competencies and thus creates more problems
  • time-consuming migration and adoption process
  • staff, tenants, investors, and contractors not liking it

While software buyers want bells & whistles features, it’s the core services that get business done well.

As you can see ManageCasa has each aspect of your work covered and simplicity is a theme of our brand.


Making your Choice to Progress

A good SaaS-based online property management solution such as ManageCasa™ lets you easily solve your most pressing pain points. When you do your trial run and demo, our rep will happily help you explore each pain point and how the software rectifies them.

You don’t need big brand promises and claims, but rather a short session with the software to explore each of your work pain points.

Let’s review what you actually do need. It’s the essence of smart management.  After you’ve covered your 5 pain points stopping you from modernizing your software, you can then go onto to cover big picture needs.

A 6 Step Review Process:

  1. establish what you need the software to do for your business such as specific tasks that are mission critical and other services you’re not doing well now – lease management, double-entry accounting, lease-based accounting, automation for bills, disbursements and reconciliation, online rent payment, and flexible insightful reporting, along with effective tenant communications
  2. determine whether it will work with your current software, partners, etc. and if it’s scalable for growth
  3. assess whether it’s easy to use, intuitive, and determine whether your staff will like it
  4. ascertain whether and how it helps you meet your state regulatory compliance and financial requirements
  5. determine its accounting capabilities and whether it can help you manage your expenses well for each individual property
  6. determine whether it will reduce your administration time or if it’s built to nickel and dime you out of money with escalating charges

Major Property Management Platforms

There are numerous software products for purchase, some designed for the large enterprise space, some for mid-sized property management companies and some is categorized as landlord software.

This list is not updated however companies introduce improvements and upgrades slowly and raise prices. In many cases, apps and services are available for extra fees. You’ll need to validate and verify each property management softwareapp included and what you’ll need to complete your solution.

Key Software Features to compare and evaluate:

All-in-One Property Management Software
Global Time-Zone supportXXX
Unlimited Properties✔ (average $1 per unit. No monthly minimum)✔(average $ 1.8 per unit. Minimum $ 48 per month)✔ (average $ 1.25 per unit. Minimum $ 250 per month)
✔ (average $ 1.5 per unit. Average minimum $ 350 per month)
Single Unit Properties
Multi-Unit Properties
Multi-Purpose PropertyX
Residential Properties
Commercial PropertiesXX
Mixed-use PropertiesXX
Property RelationshipsXXX
Lease Management
Capture core lease dates
Lease history tracking/managementX
Lease relationship based on lease termsXXX
Automatic lease expirationXXX
Contact Management
Contact Management All UsersXXX
Contact related data pointsXXX
Maintenance Dashboard
Logging/tracking maintenance issues
Notification of maintenance statusX
Integrated communicationXXX
Dedicated discussion around maintenanceXXX
Historic tracking of status changesXX
Multi-media rich maintenance ticketsXXX
Accounting & Reports
Accounting DashboardXX
Full double-entry bookkeeping
Default and customizable chartsXX
Record invoice/Expenses(bills)
Support for Cash and accrual based accounting
Support for files & images in accountingXXX
1099 fillingsXExtra FeesExtra FeesX
Online wireFrom Fall 2018Extra FeesExtra FeesExtra Fees
Multiple user typesXXX
Discussion framework for:XXX
– StandaloneXX
– One-on-oneXX
– One-to-manyXXX
– Property relatedXXX
– Multi-unit announcementsXXX
– Multi-building relatedXXX
– Maintenance relatedXXX
– Lease relatedXXX
Ability to add/remove users at any time in the discussionXXX
File Management SystemXX
Organize Files by propertyXXX
Organize by default foldersXXX
Create folders and sub-foldersXXX
Share/Unshare FilesXXX
Share/Unshare FoldersXXX
Drag & Drop capabilityXXX
All files stored encryptedXXX
*Competitive Data as of Dec 2017

Making your Choice of Property Management Software

It’s wise to list all of the features and services needed as you see listed the above features chart. Add in those custom features you would like to have. Bold all items such as accounting, maintenance, reporting, rent payments, inspections, mobile app, workflow, and automation processes you absolutely need.

Inquire with our sales teams as to the specifics if you have any unusual needs.

Keep in mind our team is here to answer your questions, help you understand your needs, as well as advise on understanding your future needs and where you might achieve substantial work improvements. See the basic software service plan which is very affordable. Add additional items/apps as required to build the ideal property management software for your business.

Upgrade to a Complete Digital Platform

Rest assured ManageCasa™ is engineered for property managers with the payment, accounting, maintenance scheduling, and tenant communications power a professional expects. Property management is digital in 2024, and ManageCasa is the right platform.

We’d be delighted to hear your questions about property management property management software features and productivity.

Schedule a Software Demo Now.


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