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ManageCasa’s Dedication to Continuous Improvement

ManageCasa Solving Property Management Challenges

Many decades ago, an American named Dr. Edwards Deming helped the Japanese improve their manufacturing capabilities with a new process.  That new process was called Kaizen and became iconic for industries moving into the era of ISO standards.

The effect on the Japanese economy was epic and it made them global leaders much like China is enjoying now.

We don’t hear about Kaizen impovements much anymore, yet even with far-sighted product design, a product must continuously flex and improve to stay useful to users.

Kaizen’s 5 basic tenets are: teamwork, personal discipline, improved morale, quality, and suggestions for improvement. These are the foundation for product excellence. They work well for a property management business too.

Of course, the pandemic threw a curve ball to property management software companies whose customers demanded more from them. Legal compliance, financial complexity, rent payment delays, rising tenant expectations, IT costs, and workloads have created new vexing challenges for rental property pros. Customers expect simplified products that deliver continuous, high performance for your mid sized property business.


Continuous Updates and Improvements

The most important features, apps, modules etc. will be unique for you, however ManageCasa’s development team has the best configured in this amazing software solution. All specifically for small to mid sized landlords and HOA and property managers.

And recently, we’ve made significant new product improvements:

  • Create and edit budgets for each property/building
  • Review performance of the building or community operations and see how actual financial numbers compare against the budget plan
  • Retrieve reports of filtered data from within the system from almost everywhere
  • Assign visibility and hide visibility of properties and association to the various teams and department responsibilities
  • Powerful adjustments to the way your ManageCasa marketing website works for you on web, tablet, and mobile as well to which pages you want to appear
  • Print checks to pay bills
  • Upload videos for maintenance tickets
  • Revamped report overview page, that allows you to find reports by section, and allows you to market the ones that you use frequently as your favorite and filter from an ever-growing list of reports

ManageCasa’s Virtual Management Excellence

Of course, we recommend ManageCasa as your virtual property management automation platform.

ManageCasa takes pride in the development of a uniquely powerful and adaptable solution that rids landlords of IT costs, user interface complexity, and security and compliance vigilance. Whatever your headaches were before, you’ll find them automated inside the ManageCasa software platform.

Stress, exhaustion, insufficient funds, lack of trained staff, and more are serious issues for landlords and property managers in 2023. ManageCasa resolves them.

ManageCasa’s superiority in accurate bookkeeping and accounting has to be noted. Many people consider property management as the management of property finances. Excellence in managing expenses, optimizing cash flow and revenues, reconciliation, tax management, and building outstanding reports is still revered.

This continuous dedication to our customers is what separates us from competitive apps and software companies.

Book your product demo so you can ask your pressing questions and see why ManageCasa is the better solution.


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