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Simplify Your Property Management Business

October 28, 2019

Focus on Convenience and Simplicity

In almost every business sector, companies are looking to simplify products, processes and services.

Within your real estate, investment or rental property management work, the volume and complexity of data, paperwork, and relationships are becoming your top issue. But how do you get untangled?

The truth might be that simplicity and convenience are actually a path to making business work. Without that easy, simplified path, business isn’t doable or profitable. Complexity becomes an ongoing source of stress and a cost factor.

It may be time to look at your workday differently to discover how your work affects the bottom line (software will help with that).

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Getting More Work Done

If you had some magical power to simplify and get focused, would you use it? I know, you need confidence it will work for you and your tenants. You want to know, are the benefits significant enough?

the top aid to work performance and lower worker stress is good software. Inappropriate, complicated software simply adds to stress loads

A property management software solution will help a lot. There is the benefit of workflow automation, but some online property management solutions aren’t simple. They actually add more work and time to learn. The right software is a key.

Still, you must commit yourself to a simpler framework that’s more than automation. You need an easy, simple property management workflow that lets you prevent issues or solve them quickly and effectively.

How To Simplify your Work

Some efficiency experts advise to do a few things really well. We won’t argue with that but instead add that true efficiency comes when you make your process so smooth, that friction and time waste simply can’t happen.

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate time wasting phone calls, tenant complaint and maintenance call handling, property visits, lost document finding, and email responding?

There’s no way use the same old ways to rid these annoyances and tasks. You need a new process. That’s the value of a property management solution.

With Software or Without

Fit these tips into your daily work and enjoy the feeling of progress you get. It’s these positive feelings that keep the ball rolling:

  1. prioritize your work tasks according to business value (not just to say you’ve got all your loose ends finished).
  2. make a checklist and check them off as you go
  3. one task at a time – never multitask as it creates poor results and increases errors and rework
  4. ensure staff are enabled, well-informed, and motivated to do their work so they’ll interrupt you less
  5. phone people if your emails don’t solve the issue
  6. extend the time period for scheduled calls so instead of weekly, make it bi-weekly
  7. block out time for key tasks so you are maximizing your output and productivity and do not answer calls or emails during that period
  8. be organized about meetings – create and share meeting guidelines which will help get staff organized so they won’t waste your time
  9. be professional in dealing with tenants so they behave professionally too and don’t persistently waste your time
  10. gently remind tenants of their responsibilities using a blog post or tenant guidelines document
  11. automate your banking, lease administration, calendar, and tenant communications using software

Your property management software is central to keeping your work streamlined and preventing the time and energy wasting friction that wears you down. Stay true to the intent of the software system which helps you focus on what’s important.

However, ensure your PM software doesn’t become a source of disruption. In the end, it’s up to you to discipline yourself and focus on the key business tasks of the day.

Good luck in making your business more effective and profitable in 2020.

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