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Simplify Your Property Management Business

Refocus on Convenience and Simplicity

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut your workload by a third?  How about saving time, deleting the source of time waste, and helping staff grow to handle more important work?

Everyone talks about systems, processes and operational plans, but does anyone really commit to the idea of simplicity? How odd is that there are no books available on the topic of property management efficiency, despite it being named by property managers as a top 3 priority?

How about living and breathing simplicity like a philosophy?

It’s a good bet that you’re overwhelmed by your workloads this year. Finding quality property management software, good staff, meeting regulations, raising rent prices, sourcing materials, doing some evictions, dealing with churn and turnover tasks, processing applications, keeping up on bookkeeping, overseeing maintenance and repairs is just a few of the endless tasks on your desk.

How do you Defeat a “task orientation?”

How about adopting a new business strategy built on simplifying how you manage?  Your property management software is a big aid in reducing and automating workloads, but managers need to commit mentally to simplicity as a business philosophy.

Efficiency Can Lead to Profitability, New Leads, and Better Tenant Services

Scaling up, providing better services to keep tenants happy and leased, and staying ahead of inflation and rising financing costs is impossible without a commitment to work efficiency. Efficiency is named in surveys as a top priority for property management pros so we know it’s on your mind.

Is simplicity the key to achieving all your key property management performance goals?  Take a look at all the top stressors and time wasters, and complexity dominates.

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Getting More Work Done

A SaaS, cloud-based property management software solution provides a foundation for organizing, scheduling, processing, and follow up that’s truly impressive.  For an affordable monthly subscription fee, the platform offers tremendous value.

It doesn’t just get work done, it makes it easy to do work, and let you stay focused on essentials.

How To Simplify your Work

Some efficiency experts advise to do a few things really well.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t take away all the things you will have to deal with.  When you adopt a system that removes the tedious work that creates errors and rework, you actually can focus on a few things you do really well.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate time wasting phone calls, tenant complaints, handling maintenance face to face, conducting property visits, processing applications from low quality prospects, finding lost documents, and playing email tag?

With Software or Without

Before you subscribe to ManageCasa to use our amazing solution, compile a list of all your daily tasks and how much time you’re spending on them. You can use that as a benchmark so the software can help you determine your progress.

Before you subscribe, remind yourself of how you do your work currently, so you’re more conscious of what’s about to change using ManageCasa.

Just some thoughts on some preliminary things to do:

  1. prioritize your work tasks according to business value (not just to say you’ve got all your loose ends finished)?
  2. do you use a work checklist and check them off as you go?
  3. is it one task at a time – never multitask as it creates poor results and increases errors and rework?
  4. are staff enabled, well-informed, and motivated to do their work so they’ll interrupt you less?
  5. do you phone people if your emails don’t solve the issue?
  6. can you extend the time period for scheduled calls so instead of weekly, make it bi-weekly?
  7. can you block out time for key tasks so you are maximizing your output and productivity and do not answer calls or emails during that period?
  8. are you organized about meetings – create and share meeting guidelines which will help get staff organized so they won’t waste your time?
  9. are you professional in dealing with tenants so they behave professionally too and don’t persistently waste your time?
  10. do you gently remind tenants of their responsibilities using a blog post, tenant portal, or tenant guidelines document?
  11. are you automating your banking, tenant rent payment, accounting, lease administration, maintenance tickets, and tenant communications, using software?

You won’t regret going professional with ManageCasa’s platform. The quality of our accounting system is one of the biggest benefits and helps your accountant work their cost saving magic.  Accurate books are more important than anything in these days of difficult financing, regulations, and large client bases.  If you plan to scale up, then ManageCasa’s accounting system (designed specifically for property managers) is a must have.

Your property management software is central to keeping your work streamlined to prevent time and energy wasting friction that wears you and your staff down.

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