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Automate Rent Collection and Accounting Processes

December 19, 2019

Automate Your Way to an Easy Workday

How much time do extra and redundant administration tasks take out of your work day? I’ll bet all those receipts, edits, bookkeeping entries, NSF checks, phone calls and more are an antagonism you’d like to be rid of.

Smart business people know instinctively that eliminating tasks allows them to get to the work that matters — the work that actually serves customers, owners and their own business success.

The phrase property management automation is one you should be thinking more about right now while you’ve got a quiet moment to think clearly.  Task automation solves a lot of problems.  You’re probably not aware of how it reduces property management work tasks.  Streamlining work is a significant, tangible benefit.



Vaporize Your 2 Biggest Pains

There’s 2 instances where applied automation really makes an impact: 1) a dedicated double entry accounting system and 2) an online rent payment system.

We’ve found accounts payable and receivables are time consuming in property management and especially for small business landlords who have to do it all. Late rent, NSF messages, bank reconciliation, late fees, and phone calls to tenants add stress.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just to pick some of our work tasks and delete them? That would be fun wouldn’t it? All the stuff you hate vaporized instantly. Well, it seems ManageCasa’s accounting and rent payment automation is your vaporizer.

1. ManageCasa Uses ePayment Systems

It’s when you book a demo with us and see how the rent payment systems works and how accurate and powerful our dedicated accounting system, you’ll realize ManageCasa is focused on what’s important to you.  You want more time in your day, with no overtime, less hunting down rent payments and reconciling bank accounts and who knows what else. Online payment automation is a godsend for you and tenants love paying rent online.

Stripe is the Internet’s leading payment system, powerful, efficient, making it a cash flow asset to your business.

We want you to check out ManageCasa’s online payment system because this is the feature that can make a lot of impact in your working day. It’s like zapping rent collection completely. Tenants don’t want to give you excuses. They want that task taken away too!

2. ManageCasa’s Dedicated Property Management Accounting System

Pity those souls who are stuck using an off the shelf general accounting solution for property management like Quickbooks, Freshbooks or Xero. ManageCasa removes all the mental contortions they’re doing, and helps record and reconcile perfectly. Keep your landlord/property accounts separate from each other and separate from your own business. Say goodbye to your toughest accounting headaches. Welcome in financial reporting depth you’ll be raving about.

Book A Demo: There’s No Better Way to Get Educated

Book a Demo With Us. It doesn’t take long and it’s the best, fastest way to get educated about property management software. Sometimes you have to stop reading, comparing, and viewing, and just commit to action. Speaking with platform experts is the fastest route to good decisions.  Let’s get focused and get your questions answered.

We want you to have a pain-free, smooth as silk year of 2023. Click here to set up a Product Demonstration and conversation and take a load off your back.

Property Management Software Screen

ManageCasa is an elegantly, simplified property management software, perfect for small business landlords and small property management companies. See the full list of features.


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