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SaaS for Property Management

August 25, 2022

SaaS for Property Managers

Tens of thousands of property managers and landlords are pondering the role of technology in their company.

What is available, what is affordable, what will actually work? To help move you toward making good technology adoption decisions, we’d like to explore some technologies you should be familiar with known as Software as a Service.

You’re looking for ways to increase the value and performance of your IT spend. What’s exciting is that a solution known as SaaS could lower your operating costs, empower your staff, and open up new revenue streams. Sound good? Let’s look further.

Two major tech developments have helped the property management services sector explode with new opportunities for big profitability in rental real estate. They are Software as a Service and cloud computing.

All the new PropTech tools involve those two technologies, and they’re producing efficiencies that produce market leader advantages for whoever wants to be market leader.

Introducing SaaS on The Cloud

Today, the entire locally hosted (on-premise) and PC & Client/Server managed systems have been transformed. A company’s IT is entirely hosted and managed on the cloud.

SaaS systems as they’re called provide extensive service advantages and free up business owners from expensive, time-consuming IT tasks. SaaS as you’ll see is the multitude of digital services which operate via the cloud (such as Stripe’s payment gateway).

The power and potential of SaaS on the cloud is an exciting evolution within the property management sector too. It’s delivering decisive advantages for adopters. ManageCasa™ is one firm offering the power of a SaaS-powered solution to property management companies.


Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software delivery model in which the cloud provider develops and maintains cloud application software, provides automatic software updates, and makes software available to its customers via the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis — from Oracle.


Subscribing to Convenient On-Demand IT Services

Modern property management software companies are utilizing all of the data storage, computing, and document processing power SaaS offers on an on-demand basis. This is the essence of virtual property management in 2022.

Strategic Market Research in its study, revealed that 70% of CIOs prefer SaaS for its scalability and agility. 38% use it to improve disaster recovery, and 37% like how SaaS improves service flexibility. They report that 80% of the businesses which responded are planning to convert their systems to SaaS by 2025. The global property management software market size is estimated nearing $2 billion, and could be $2.70 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 5.7%.

11 Advantages of SaaS for Property Management

  1. reduced IT costs and upfront tech costs
  2. fully managed, affordable IT infrastructure on a subscription basis
  3. larger array of property management services for new revenue streams
  4. allows workflow automation
  5. greater data security and compliance with privacy and data protection laws
  6. real time, on demand services across many devices from any location (remote working)
  7. enables more tenant self-service functionality
  8. faster disaster and downtime recovery
  9. scalable solution to allow growth in properties and owners
  10. online rent and fee payment services integrated with payment gateways
  11. improved IT and business analytics

SaaS then, offers all the micro-services which when integrated help create a modern residential property management software platform. It’s all so seamlessly integrated, users only see a perfectly designed UX dashboard ready for their use. That’s an ideal experience for anyone working in property management.

Property Management Staff Love SaaS

Property management staff  can access all services, data and accounts via the cloud.  In your case, all of your customer data, transactions, documents, and communication systems are securely accessible via an interface or dashboard within ManageCasa.

ManageCasa’s SaaS based solution utilizes powerful, industry leading digital services to help you do all of your property management work. All through the cloud for efficiency, cost savings, while working wherever you happen to be. The mobile property management revolution owes itself to the power of SaaS and the cloud.


Landlords and property managers are demanding SaaS platforms that are intuitive, easy to learn, and seamlessly connect all their apps with other business apps that are already part of their tech stacks. That’s what SaaS is all about — interoperability of technology solutions.


A well-designed property management dashboard, loaded with useful and powerful SaaS-powered apps allows automation, all in one integration, and fast responsive access — for on demand administration. How could your staff not love that?

The AWS Cloud as an example, offers endless property management service possibilities, It has spawned thousands of useful online apps and services some of which ManageCasa uses. ManageCasa allows improved communication, collaboration, tenant requests and problem resolution, payment services, and easier property management workflows all online anytime 24/7.

SaaS and the cloud make small property management companies much more capable and productive.

Many property managers have not only subscribed to the new services, but are looking at more sophisticated strategies to use it more profitably for their firm. It’s an on demand IT service that enables on demand property management — a concept modern tenants love.

Tenants Love the Cloud

Tenants too love what internet technology provides and promises for them. They admire and revere property managers or landlords who give them access to these amazing services. Convenient anywhere/anytime rent payments through many different payment systems is one good example. Self-help documents, online lease documents, tenant account portals, and maintenance request ticketing increase their comfort and make them feel respected (important for leasing).

They don’t know about SaaS, but what excites them is the promise of easy management of their rental experiences.

And the power and reach of the cloud makes them feel they’re part of something epic in technology. It might be laughable to older people, but young renters want renting to be a meaningful and comfortable experience. They love technology as it lets them do so much via their smartphone devices.

Business Owners Love SaaS on the Cloud Too!

SaaS is exciting to property management business owners and service companies because it offers so many efficiency and reporting advantages. Entirely new business models are possible given the range and flexibility of services available via SaaS. Keeping tenants is important, but owners see broad scalability driving revenues and marketshare higher.

After all, this is a business and we want to stay ahead of the curve and keep our companies sustainable.

From minimal deployment and IT costs, to customized service features, to real time data access, superb analytics and reporting, fast software updates, automated accounting and more, property management company CEO’s aren’t overwhelmed anymore by the idea of scaling up owners and properties. They have the confidence that all will be taken care of.

It’s All About Good Decisions

SaaS on the cloud provides improved awareness of all business transactions and status. When you know more about the details of your properties and how to optimize performance, you’re going to make better decisions.

And one important decision is to subscribe to ManageCasa. Learn more about how it can power up your business.

ManageCasa brings together a full, comprehensive suite of cloud-based SaaS applications that fulfill almost everything you do on a daily basis. And those other ancillary services not currently provided are being planned for inclusion. ManageCasa never stops working or growing.


Affordability, performance, efficiency, service growth, and simplicity for users means your software decision is clear — it’s ManageCasa SaaS on the Cloud.


Review ManageCasa’s powerful SaaS property management features and schedule a platform demo now.


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