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Renters Not Confident Going Forward

September 09, 2021 Renter Payment Survey

Out of 58 million who responded in’s renter household report, 26 million are unemployed. 15 million are living off of credit cards and loans, and 13 million are borrowing from family members.

There’s plenty of concern for landlords and lots of reasons to be on top of easy rent payment services, debt collections, eviction processes, and ways to help renters pay their rent.

Renter Confidence Survey

Screenshot courtesy of’s latest household survey report shows only about 40% cite high confidence in their ability to pay their rent going forward. should also be checking the pulse of landlords and how confident they are of meeting their own mortgage payments and operating bills.

There’s been a lot of frustration and pain, and solutions from government haven’t been forthcoming. In fact, government may be sparking further issues such as rent default, unemployment, court delays, and more regulatory bottlenecks.

While this misery continues, it’s wise to go forward with other elements of your business to ready yourself for 2022. Certainly 2022 will be better. It’s time to look to technology to help you manage your rentals more profitably.

Most landlords who’ve been working with paper and telephone approaches are finally gravitating to virtual property management solutions.

Property management is financial management, so the key value in software for landlords is keeping the books optimized and giving you time to focus on more financial success.

Powerful Value Proposition for Small Business

From our standpoint, a value proposition for our customers isn’t simple. But our customers get a simple message that all their property management needs are met in our all in one platform. If you visit our product features page right now, you’ll see the comprehensive depth of ManageCasa’s platform.

It has the same all in one range of services and benefits for our users. When you compare our solution to large scale multifamily software solutions, ManageCasa doesn’t lack for anything important. From double entry accounting to property maintenance tickets to tenant account management to online payments, and tenant communications, you get get full control of your rental property business.

If additional apps or services are occasionally required, they are easily available online and the data or forms can be brought into ManageCasa’s document management system. For tenant screening, and other infrequently used services, we will be working with a tenant screening service directly soon. In the meantime, this service is easily obtainable via these screening report providers.

Using ManageCasa, you’ll find your maintenance and repair issues easing, cash flow improving, regulatory compliance optimal, and tenants finding their rental experience much improved.

Explore the features further, in depth as you like.  Then book a demo of the product so you can ask questions and learn about how it will help you manage your rental properties better.  Good software will make a difference!


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