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The Power of Syndicated Rental Advertising

October 28, 2021

Advertise Your Rental Properties Professionally

When you have rental property vacancies, you expect to reach and attract great new tenants. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one click publishing power to reach them via the best rental advertising sites?

ManageCasa’s new rental syndication service brings the power of automation to your operations and to your property marketing too.

Today, reaching those prospective renters isn’t a given. It’s a fragmented, diverse audience whose viewing habits are difficult to predict.  However, the high quality renters you’re seeking are online. Many of them begin their house and apartment rental search on many of the syndicated rental websites listed below.

You’ll see everything when you log in and the process is easy.

The Very Best Rental Websites

Renters, especially younger, mobile tech savvy renters use their favorite rental search tools on specific websites such as Zillow,, Redfin, Rentpath, and Zumper.

The new generation of renters feel more comfortable with these powerful rental search tools and the amazing user experience that includes high quality, photos, well written descriptions, maps, videos, walk scores, 3D tours of the vacancy and more. Each listing site has its own unique search experience and features, which helps them appeal to specific demographic groups.

This richer search experience gives renters more confidence they’re on the path a great new place to live.

ManageCasa’s Syndicated Rental Listing Service is All You Need

ManageCasa’s automated, self-service process is easy for you and it also provides your Gen Z and Gen Y renters with the apartment and house search tools they want.  They can fill out application forms (you can charge them) and you’ll get better tenants and be able to discover the best qualified renters.

ManageCasa also enjoys priority ad positions on these listing sites below to give you better visibility with the best renters. That’s important!

You’re advertising for the ideal renter, one who will become a key business asset for years to come. The ideal renter fits your business, not just an immediate need to get cash flowing for the vacancy.

Let’s learn how ManageCasa’s rental listing and advertising feature works.

List, Choose and Click!

After you’ve written a professional quality ad to showcase your vancancy, you can list your rental properties via ManageCasa’s syndication app. When you click publish, they are instantly distributed to your choice of the best apartment and house rental publishers in our syndicated group.

And by providing the right information, visuals and more in your website marketing portal you’re building a great rental listing for advertisement online.

Simple, Automated Rental Advertising

Rental advertising automation plus syndication of ads across many top rental websites means no more struggling with endless fragmented listing sites. Enjoy the automation that ManageCasa delivers across our property management platform. Enter once and publish!

The entire process is simple and easy:

  1. When you have a property to list, you can choose that property and import the relevant data from your building or rental unit property (address, unit specs, photos) into the rental listing application. Any additional info you’ll be able to enter that as well.
  2. The next step is to enter all information with respect to the available unit for rent, plus amenities, and upload any additional photos. You can write a persuasive, impactful, rental listing to capture readers attention and get them engaged with the idea of renting your rental unit. If photos of your unit and property are already contained in your property account, you can simply drag and drop them into the appropriate photo box.
  3. Then you can specify rental agreement policies (e.g., smoking, pets, etc.) so renters will understand important requirements they must meet.
  4. After proofreading and verifying all information you’ve input regarding your rental unit, you are ready to publish it. It will be automatically distributed to the various rental listing services you specify from our selection of providers.
  5. Prospective renters will read the rental vacancy listing on the listing site (e.g., Zillow) and then respond to you as you’d like and they can fill out an application form online.

You’ll be able to check how your rental ads appear on the respective rental advertising websites. There is a small fee for the service, yet considering how much time you’ll save and how much visibility/reach to renters it generates for you, it is a bargain.

Overall, our full property management system is one of the best business bargains you’ll get anywhere.

As always, the significant benefits with a modern, next generation technology (ManageCasa) are simplicity and efficiency. Having a solution that automates your financials, maintenance, tenant communications, and rental unit advertising keeps your business viable and lowers stress levels. Enjoy the peace of mind ManageCasa will give you.

If you’re going to move your properties over to ManageCasa, it’s best to reach our customer service and sales team directly. They can help you get it right.

We’re looking forward to having you become a ManageCasa customer.

Schedule a Demo to See how ManageCasa makes operations, finance, leasing, and rent collection so easy.


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