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The REAL Expo App – 2022

The 2022 REAL EXPO Conference took place October 4th to 6th in Munich, Germany. The event was a nice experience for our team and we enjoyed meeting new German landlords, property managers and other tech company personnel.

We’re now preparing for the NMHC OpTech conference in November in Las Vegas, Nevada. See more on our calendar of 2023 Conferences.

They’ve introduced an app that offers a blend of uniquely valuable services. We might not realize that the app itself represents the evolution of the PropTech, SaaS Services and real estate sectors globally.

One of the app’s services is a matchmaking connector to bring together managers with tech solution providers whom they actually need. Big conferences aren’t easy to navigate or organize. The app has a scheduler and other helpers listed below.

Connecting and Learning at REAL EXPO

Learning and connecting are attendee’s major goals for rental property conferences.

Meet with ManageCasa’s Team:  Don’t forget to visit us in the Swiss Tech Pavilion and get your questions about modern property management technology answered. See the floor map.

You can see more about this in the ExpoReal Website: Matchmaking . The REAL EXPO app download links are below.


Property management apps are individual components of today’s amazing SaaS digital service platforms that determine which property management firms will lead their market.


Your All in One Conference Optimizer

The REAL EXPO app is also designed to be a guide to the fair and trade show. It allows you to take a tour, plan your agenda, and find the technology providers you’re eager to meet. After all, these property management technology providers are providing the foundation for a very profitable and successful business — which happens to be your goal.

The REAL Expo app offers these matchmaking services:

  • trade show exhibitor search
  • Interactive hall plans
  • the REAL EXPO Conference program with calendar
  • save your “Favorites” section
  • business connection matchmaking with calendar
  • digital business card with QR code

MatchMaking at EXPO REAL

The matchmaking feature of the app is an exciting service and provides:

  • quiet, dedicated area for business people and technology people to meet
  • details about registered parties’ interests, expertise
  • a matching scale that shows you who is most relevant to your interests

You can save notes and photos/videos you’ve taken and capture the important points of the companies you’re interested in.

You can easily go through a conference and trade show without meeting the specific industry connections you need. These people are vital to your business so missing many of them is a shame. The REAL EXPO app can help you get the conference results you’re looking for.

EXPO REAL – Internationale Fachmesse für Immobilien und Investitionen in Munchen.

You can download it here at the Google Play website and the Apple Store.


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