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PropTech Conferences & Expos for Investors

Conferences for PropTech Investors

As the European and US economies recover in the next 5 years, thousands of new PropTech software products will be released.

Out of the many thousands of apps, SaaS services and platforms are potential, new market leaders in finance, sales, and property rental management. Experiencing real estate startup conferences and trade show expos is an exciting way of finding these real estate management technology gems to invest in.

Of course, there are few immediate, rocketing successes to pick like low-hanging fruit.

The best startup to invest in, is one that’s already up and running and competing well.

Instead, it takes a little research online to view and get to know a range of investible technology businesses. These trade shows are where you get access to the next Airbnb, Point, Zillow, Reonomy, Roofstock, or Zumper.

PropTech in Europe

Europe has been quick to invest in property technology.  On September 24th, a 3-day PropTech event is being held in Munich Germany.

It’s called Bits and Pretzels and is the largest of its kind in Europe and will see massive attendance from investors, developers, users, and journalists. This is definitely a show to participate in.

ManageCasa will attend the Expo portion of the event with partner Swiss Circle, a marketing firm that represents Swiss PropTech companies. ManageCasa is a San Francisco, USA-based firm providing cloud-based, cloud-powered property management software for small to mid-market rental management firms in North America and Europe.

Other upcoming European Trade Shows include Expo Real also hosted in Munich Germany on October 4th 2023. We’ll be at Expo Real too and ready to speak with you about your property management technology challenges.

Upcoming shows for PropTech investors include:

See more on property management conferences and HOA trade shows ManageCasa exhibits at.

We’re looking forward to meeting with you and chatting about your challenges for the year ahead, and how our platform might be able to help.

Visit our product pricing page and sign up for a FREE trial account to experience an amazing platform firsthand.


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