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How Property Managers Will Excel in 2023

January 04, 2023

ManageCasa Helping You Excel in 2023

Property managers are welcoming in another positive year of helping tenants and keeping owner’s assets operating profitably.

We know there’s a lot on your plate which is why we developed our property management software suite. It provides the ideal selection of features to help you adopt a more cost-preventative business strategy which we discuss today.

Reduce Friction, Eliminate the Path to Failure

After 3 years of the Covid pandemic, the phrase preventative management should be second nature to us. Prevention is always better than the cure, especially in business.

In property management, it seems there are always financial, maintenance, accounting, operations, and tenant interactions that need to be smoothed out.  The troublesome situations and events are too numerous to list here.

And reducing your daily friction and bottlenecks in workflows is a wise goal. You can do that using our software application.

Traditional management of dealing with it as it happens, as you’ve discovered, leaves you vulnerable to entirely normal and natural tenant events — from expensive appliance repairs to flooding emergencies to accounting errors.

Running Your Business more Smoothly

Excelling in 2023 might come from better planning and business models.  And you don’t need a PhD in business models to see how you can use them to improve your business over the next 12 months.

These models support happier tenants, satisfied owners, and better profitability. Optimizing what you have currently may not generate any improvement this year.  You may need to eliminate the source of the grief that stresses so many landlords, HOA managers, and property managers.

For instance, one model that isn’t explored enough in property management circles is preventative management.

This approach involves using software to foresee issues with tenants, conduct maintenance better, and use communications tools to ensure problems don’t happen. It’s more than just preventative maintenance.

A bigger problem than maintenance rework in general, is time waste. Given your staff is limited and your time is limited and you have limited financial resources, preventative organized business download tasks to tenants or they outsource them.

Self-Serve is a Key Component of Preventative Management

A self-serve customer management system perfectly describes what’s meant by ensuring less work tasks come in. Applying for rentals, signing applications leases, paying fees and rent, using virtual tools to help tenants educate themselves and resolve common issues is part of a preventative management system.

And self-serve models actually improve overall service and keeps today’s younger tenants satisfied. They like to take care of business themselves. As long as they do it right, all is good.

Automation is a big part of the self-serve, preventative model. Manual transactions and inputs are often a source of costly errors and omissions. For instance, our sophisticated accounting system looks simple to users, but it quietly automates a lot of tricky bookkeeping and accounting work reducing embarrassing errors with banks or tenants.

The Personal Touch for Enterprise Customers

And to ease your inertia, fears, and frustration, once you join ManageCasa, we help mid to large enterprise level customer’s teams through setup, data migration ourselves, along with live demos, and on-site training.

You’ll have one point of contact with us reducing any kind of runaround or neglect you might have experienced with enterprise level software vendors. We aim to be a unique kind of provider helping you build a business that succeeds.


Reduce your workloads, friction, errors, emergencies and staffing costs through good preventative management practices. By using ManageCasa, you’re kind of moving up to a new business model without knowing it


Contact our sales team and schedule a demo.  Learn how ManageCasa can reduce your time waste and give you a service you feel confident enough to build your business on.


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