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February 13, 2020

Your FREE Fully Functioning Website

Online marketing represents a diversion from how property management companies have traditionally attracted leads.  Whether it was new owners or prospective tenants, word of mouth is how leads appeared.

Today, property managers realize their business is online.  They know their web presence is critical for attracting landlords and property management firms, along with serving tenants optimally. Passive approaches don’t work. Companies must be active and highly visible online.

However, marketing websites can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  And choosing a good property management website template is a headache. Turnkey hosted marketing website solutions are what property managers prefer — simple, instant, productive.

How Amazing is Totally FREE?

You’ll be delighted to know we’re introducing hosted property management company websites for you that will be FREE of charge. And if you’re in a property management or rental company startup, our service will save you a lot of money, and provide instant marketing power.

It’ll be easy for you to get setup, show your listings, attract more tenants, give them vacancy details quickly, communicate with your tenants, and receive applications online. These websites are integrated with ManageCasa so you won’t have to struggle with implementation.

Still don’t think a FREE dedicated, property management marketing website is that valuable?

Website Marketing is King

Property management has been one of the slowest sectors to adopt software solutions and new technology. Fortunately, turnkey solutions provide the frustration-free services you need and you won’t need an IT manager or web designer.

ManageCasa will be releasing its customer marketing website feature soon. We’re providing our customers with a fully functioning website to build visibility, capture leads, showcase and promote their company, and create more revenue.

It’s combined with our industry leading property management software solution for SMB landlords and property managers.

Word of Mouth is Passive

Word of mouth is passive.  You wait until the grapevine delivers and while you do, your competitors have dried those leads up.   It’s better to be the active master of your domain in the digital era.

Word of mouth often offers no choice. You feel uneasy accepting anyone’s specific referral because your needs are so unique. Even after accepting a cohort’s recommendation and checking them out online, you’re often back doing your own personalized search.

A Great Marketing Website Creates its Own Word of Mouth

12 Great Benefits of Your New Property Management Marketing Website:

  1. communicates your UVP or brand quickly
  2. details services prospects need
  3. lets you present value head of price so you’re not considered a commodity
  4. encourages curiosity and lets tenants explore your property
  5. introduces your staff as friendly, helpful professionals
  6. creates a 24 hour x 7 day lead conversion funnel
  7. is a place where they could pay their rent
  8. promotes the charm, value, and livability of your rental units
  9. gives tenants a feeling of comfort and belonging
  10. shows how you’re part of the community
  11. introduces the communities in a more relevant way
  12. is a source of news, tips, and information
  13. is integrated with your property management dashboard


ManageCasa Property Management Dashboard

Your property management marketing website does double duty in attracting landlord leads and the right tenant inquiries, as well establishing your unique value proposition. The website goes a long way to filtering in the high quality tenants and filtering out the wrong ones. This saves you wasted time as only appropriate tenants and landlords make inquiries and you conduct their walkthroughs.

Even if you get some poorly qualified prospects, the opportunity to catch landlords with excellent rental property portfolios.  And to be omnipresent online is well worth it.

We’ll let you know when the new ManageCasa property management company websites will be live. We’ve had glowing reviews on our test sites thus far. We know you’ll be pleased when you see your site live on the web.


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