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Property Management Tradeshows and Expos – Chicago!

The Cooperator Expo Chicagoland

The Chicagoland Cooperator Expo and Trade Show held in Chicago is a special one day trade show event attended by exhibitors in many property management sectors.

You’ll find service contractors, software solutions, Realtors, telecommunications providers and other innovative companies eager to share their wealth of value for your business.

Professional Development is Important

It’s a time to learn what’s happening in the industry to help attendees keep their businesses sustainable with new learning and new industry connections. Whether you’re a multifamily apartment owner or a property manager, you’ll enjoy a great event with your peers.

It was amazing. One of the biggest turnouts we’ve ever had. Amazing questions, a lot of problems were handled, and we had a line out the back of booth for the last two or three hours. It was a fantastic presentation.” – from a Cooperator spring expo attendee.


OPTECH 2023 in Las Vegas Nevada

It’s not too late to book your conference tickets for the top Convention and Trade Show for Property Management Technology.

Hear from the experts and network with them and your colleagues. Discover how to improve every area of your operations with new cloud power SaaS software, services, materials and equipment. And of course, new software helps you to manage better.

Find out more about tickets, speakers, sessions and hotel bookings for this year’s  OPTECH 2023.


More Proptech Trade Shows Coming

We exhibited at a number of great property management events including NAA Apartmentalize in Denver,  Cooperator Chicago, and Cooperator Expo New Jersey. and   the NAR Realtor conference.  And we’ll be attending Apartmentalize in Chicago on August 31st. We hope to see you there as it’s one of the premier trade show conferences of the year.

Navy Pier Chicago Illinois

Navy Pier Chicago Illinois. Screenshot courtesy of

Trade shows and expos are a special time for us to meet with customers and new prospective customers in person, across the US. We get feedback, share experiences and insights, and discuss trends in property management. These shows create a buzz for us and customers for many months and inspire a good deal of optimism in our customers.

The recent Honolulu and LA shows were excellent and we appreciated receiving customers feedback and mingling with other exhibitors. We hope to see many of you from Arizona and California at the big Chicago event.

Lots To Do in Chicago

Cooperator in Chicago is a regional event attended by a large number of rental property owners and property managers, along with contractors, suppliers, builders and landlords of course.

Attendees will be arriving from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and other neighboring states. And those in the Chicago housing market will enjoy mingling with Chicago industry pros.

If you’re outside of Chicago, it might be part of a fun vacation to the city. MLB baseball is underway, Shedd Aquarium and the Riverboat Tours are always a treat.  The amazing restaurants downtown will keep you and your staff well fed.

You can register to attend here.

Cooperator Chicagoland Expo

The event is called the Cooperator Chicagoland Expo and is managed by Yale Robbins Publications LLC, a key real estate publisher in NYC and other states throughout the Northeast.

These informational and networking opportunities are very important to Chicago property managers and landlords. Connections are important in any business. You also have an opportunity to speak to industry professionals at the advice booths.  Come on out and ask your questions and get insight into any property management type challenge you have.

And you can chat with us about tech, automation, business models, management trends, and how property management software can help with your accounting and administration challenges. These are good conversations for all landlords and property managers.

If you’re a multifamily property investor, you can ask about finding a good property manager and how cloud software is vital now. And there’s much more to know.

From 10:45am to 3:30pm you attend a number of excellent educational seminars. Property management pros will present in-depth seminars to give you insider information, something really valuable for those of you starting up in 2021.




The Chicagoland Cooperator Expo:
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2021
Location: Navy Pier
600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Enjoy your property management convention!


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