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Property Management Tips – Fall Season Preparation

September 05, 2019

Fall Season Maintenance Program – 13 Tips

As the cool fall weather approaches we’re reminded of the power of nature and how our properties will be subjected to the harshest extremes. The rain, sleet, wind, ice, and freezing temps are heavier in winter, and this winter may be a harsh one.

Your roof shingles, furnaces, windows, and more will see their greatest stress tests in the coming months.

Whatever the weather forecast for your region, there will be property issues to deal with, and it’s better to prepare and fix while the weather is fine.  Doing maintenance and repairs in cold, icy, dangerous conditions is not only risky, it’s costly too.  See our 13 tips to get your property winter ready.

Inspection and Maintenance Program

Ready to launch our property maintenance program? Multifamily property manager Gordon Leung offers tips on how to get organized.

If you’ve been checking your notes for each property from last year, you’ve probably got some things to get fixed quick and others you just plain forgot about. That’s why a quick reminder of all the inspection and maintenance items you need to conduct is so wise.

It’s just one more instance of how ManageCasa property management software can make your job easier. Take notes, set reminders, check documents all online from your smartphone or laptop. You’re in greater command of your properties when all the info is right in front of you.

Cold Winter Perils Coming

If you’re in Canada or Northern USA, and you have to travel to your properties in the cold winter months, especially anything outside or on the roof, you’ll be in a world of hurt. It’s plain dangerous to fix things during the cold winter.

Remember those -10 to -40 degree days? Be careful as the risk of falling, frozen fingers, and the time it takes to get a service technician to the property are issues.

Starting with inspections right now is the way to go.  You’ll be beating the rush for service technicians by doing your fall maintenance checkup now. And there’s a lot to look into on your properties.

What’s the Top Maintenance Item to Check?

1. Inspect the heating system/furnace – All oil and gas fired furnaces need checking. Dirty heat-exchangers and clogged burners lower the heating efficiency and could create unhealthy conditions for your tenants.

Here’s what you or the technician should be investigating/testing with your furnace:

  • oil the blower and tighten the blower motor belt
  • adjust the blower and supply air temperature
  • check chimneys and exhaust vents for cracks and loose components
  • clean the burner of dirt and soot
  • check the and pilot light and adjust the burner flame
  • inspect both heat exchangers
  • test for carbon monoxide leakage
  • replace the oil filter and pump strainer

2.   check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed
3.   check the roof for cracks/openings and worn or missing shingles
4.   check for holes in chimney, vents, soffit or fascia board where squirrels, birds or bugs can enter
5.   check for cracks in siding on side of building – some bugs like to nest indoors and fall is when they enter
6.   inspect the wall/roof insulation to ensure it’s still intact which will help avoid energy loss and frozen pipes
7.   clean the roof gutters of leaves, dirt, branches, debris, and ensure gutter and drain spouts are intact
8.   check for bees nests in attic
9.   prune trees and bushes, rake leaves and fertilize lawns
10. check the dryer vents for buildup of lint
11. vacuum dust from fridge coils, radiators, and floor vents
12. test windows and garage doors for fit and worn parts
13. check the snow shovels, ice chipper, and snow blower

That’s our list of 13 extremely helpful fall maintenance tips for property managers and landlords. The point of the inspection is safety for tenants, risk management for your firm, and reduced service repair costs during the winter.


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