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Cut Your Workload by 25%

Cut Property Management Costs

Are you pressured daily with data entry, renewing leases, processing renter applications, resolving maintenance issues, handling renter payments and collections, processing expenses, and sporadic communications with tenants?

How much time do you spend logging in, opening account files, doing manual data entry edits, phoning tenants, reading maintenance requests, reading maintenance history, and more.

You may be trying to cut your operating expenses, yet not be tracking and calculating your exact time spent.  Time waste needs a tracking solution and a response to reduce it.

There is a lot of advice from time management experts online regarding how to manage tasks more efficiently. Yet how many ways can you slice and dice these work tasks the way they’re currently designed?

At the end of the day, you spent your hours less productively. And that reduces business profitability.

What’s the core issue? — your business processes are generating too much work!

There are only two ways to deal with that:

Improve Time Efficiency or Offload the Work?

Landlords constantly consider offloading the daily work grind to a property management company, or hiring trained staff to tame the work beast. Then the new staff and property manager have the same problems, and they come to you to solve them.

Of course, outsourcing the daily grind to a property management company near you certainly resolves the issue. That property management firm however, had better have their own proficient systems and people in place, or you’ll be looking for another provider soon enough.

The fact is, the daily grind you’re struggling with now, is likely plaguing more property management and maintenance firms, and it an innovative resolution.  A modern, property management automation platform is how you remove the grind, via what might be called a preventative business model.

Know Specifically what Eats up Your Precious Time

  • starting up computer to find accounts, specific documents, do more data entry, find info, phone numbers and send additional messages
  • manually enter data from expense receipts, invoices, leases (bookkeeping)
  • admin tasks getting too fragmented requiring more micromanagement
  • reconciling bank accounts to accounting ledgers
  • accepting, reading and processing renter applications
  • announcing rent increases to tenants then preparing for turning over rental units – new vacancies
  • following up with tenants on the phone regarding maintenance work done
  • placing ads for vacancies in numerous listing web sites and receiving poorly qualified inquiries
  • recording rent payments as you receive them each day, doing bank deposits and checking on late payers and sending notices
  • worrying about your fast rising costs and how revenues aren’t keeping pace
  • dealing with the stress of snail’s pace progress on work
  • not prioritizing messages and notifications so you can allocate blocks of time to them

You can add your own special time eaters too. Until you let yourself feel the pain of what you’re experiencing, you procrastinate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to filter out most of the time and cost waste?

Time Management is the Priority for 2023

In essence, your pain is that you spend too much time on chores and they wear you down. You don’t have to “get used to this job.” Instead, respecting the value of your time and your staff’s time, is a better route to follow.

As you can imagine, your property management software platform is designed to streamline this work and eliminate it before it happens.

How will ManageCasa actually save you time? If you take a roll call of your daily tasks and calculate how much time you’re spending on repetitive/low value tasks, you might enjoy up to +25% in time savings.

Do the simple math: If you save 2 hours per day, that translates to 40 hours per month x $40 per hour in salary x 12 months is almost $20,000 per year in cost reduction.

And with that 40 hours per month freed up, you’re doing more customer service, more marketing, and you’re able to focus in on where you’re losing money.

Shifting these hours over to executive and marketing activities is going to generate greater ROI and protect operating budgets.

Automate All You Can

If you’re a property manager operating on a thin, disappearing budget, automation is how you get it back. Automation is a beautiful thing. First, it resolves time waste, and second, it discourages waste from even happening.

Things to automate:

  • lease renewal
  • rent payments
  • report generation and distribution
  • online rent applications
  • credit checks
  • accounting entries
  • vendor/contractor payments
  • workflows
  • maintenance tickets
  • HOA/POA violation fine payment
  • email autoresponders
  • chatbot CS
  • tenant reminders
  • tenant communications

Since the cost of the ManageCasa’s software subscription is so low, it’s barely a consideration. The more you use ManageCasa’s automation, insights, communications power etc., the more daily tasks you reduce and the more money you save.

Automated Efficiencies Drive Business Progress

And with the other benefits ManageCasa offers, you’re extending value in other areas. Efficiency is what landlords are after. When you deliver on that, landlords are going to love you. Without efficiency gains, growth and profitability will be elusive.

Everything comes back to reducing tasks and daily administration. If you focus on streamlining operations, it will force you to adopt the tools and processes necessary. And with your ManageCasa monitoring and reporting tools, you can assess your progress.

That kind of information and progress impresses landlords who are looking for modern property managers who can remove the work and produce high performing management results. Having real performance improvement numbers to show them is powerful.

Promote your property management company’s performance improvements via ManageCasa in your marketing and advertising. It reassures tenants their rent money is being used well, and tells investors/owners you’re the best property management company in town. Nothing like eliminating the competition when landlords are reconsidering their own budgets for 2022/2023.

To understanding the full power of ManageCasa’s automation features, you can schedule a Demo. Mention to our product experts that you’re in need of task automation in specific areas. They can better prepare to ensure you have all the insights you need to make the best decision for your situation.

It all comes back to good communication and resolving your specific pain points.


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