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What’s Happening in Property Management?

A number of trends are sweeping property management, driven primarily by technology and housing regulations.

These trends are forcing landlords and property managers to adopt newer, more modern property management solutions.

Online rent payments and more powerful bookkeeping software are driving industry changes.  However, managers are realizing that automation, data protection, value added services, and tenant management are important.

And new property management automation tools are easing workloads, easing budget pressures, reducing vacancies, and allowing them to focus on work that matters to tenants and owners.

Learn All About Property Management

Property Management and the era of Instant Services

If you’re an experienced landlord searching for new tools, check out the key features of modern property management software and how new systems will raise your revenue and cut costs.

Get up to date on the software migration task, and try out a demo of one of the best platforms. Very educational. And compare products as you may want to switch platforms.

If you’re new to the business of property management, you’ll find, as others have, a fascinating range of property management blog posts that cover the full gamut of this high growth business.  Considering property management as your next career? Salaries and job openings are excellent. Dig into property management now and find out more.

ManageCasa’s Learning Resources

Get up to speed on how modern property management is performed. Discover the tasks, services, apps, and automation tools property managers use now. Demo the ManageCasa Platform to see for yourself.

Typical Inquiries About Property Management:


What is Property Management Software? The perfect system for managing all aspects of your rental property business. Take a demo of ManageCasa today.

You Will Make 2021 a Much Better Year

The Corona Virus shutdown has hurt the property management industry hard. But we’ll get past 2020 to a new year full of opportunity. 2021 will see companies with reduced costs, more efficiency and more fully committed to online property management software.

This includes property management companies and landlords who are now evaluating their current solutions.


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Is 2020 the End of Proprietary Software?

The consensus is that many of the most popular solutions aren’t meeting landlords needs. Some are hosted proprietary solutions while others are older online solutions. It’s unfortunate for them that they can’t be upgraded due to technology obsolescence and new rules.

And the enterprise solutions you’ve seen so frequently are designed for large property portfolios of 15000+ rentals. They are corporate solutions. Reps routinely work with the property management staff in large multifamily and multi-apartment projects. Working with small scale landlords is not something they relish.

For you, being a second class customer is no fun.

What About the Property Management Franchises?

Many of the franchised property management companies continue to use their own in-house property management solutions. It’s very expensive to manage the equipment and IT staffing required to keep those old self-managed, proprietary solutions working. And data security laws are forcing customers to move to new solutions such as ManageCasa.

For franchise companies, it’s a looming crisis as new Proptech and cloud based services flood the property management landscape. The full range of services accessible make their inhouse systems seem insufficient. As cloud based software solutions explode their range of services, apps, and lower costs, you can foresee what’s going to happen.

Corporate and franchise property management companies believe that laying out the traditional slate of services is all that’s required to help you run a successful property management company. Many of them come up weak in tasks such as property management accounting: full double entry accounting .

Modern instant service provision is what tenants demand, and services through digital devices.

Outdated software doesn’t offer online tenant rental payments. Those two features are what’s driving the industry right now.

The Ideal Solution for Landlords or Property Managers

An ideal property management software solution for you should make it affordable to manage a lesser number of properties yet scale up as you grow. A lot of your daily work revolves around paperwork, processing applications, writing leases, managing payments, communicating with tenants, and ensuring accounting and reporting are accurate. Keep those core needs focused in your mind as you find your ideal solution right here on ManageCasa.

Don’t be distracted by promotional videos, blogs, social posts, marketing pages, or pop ups that promise benefits you don’t need. That’s a garden path well worn.

Focus on the BIG 8 Features

Your new property management software will simplify all of these Essential 8 Core tasks:

  1. accurate simple bookkeeping entries
  2. double entry accounting and separate property income and expense tracking
  3. insightful property owner reporting
  4. tenant rent collection and online payments
  5. tenant communications
  6. maintenance requests and ticket management
  7. lease management and document management
  8. insightful accurate financial reports

Upgrade how you Manage Your Rental Properties

Once you’ve assured you’ve got the best, core service features, you can take a look at scalability and new ways to create service revenue. Using new cloud based solutions is inexpensive, scalable, and opens the door to expanded functionality, services, and revenue generating opportunities.

Can a small to mid sized property management software be scalable and cloud powered, and deliver the 8 core services? ManageCasa does. So, you don’t need to go through the stress of using an enterprise solution and working with support reps who know you’re not generating tens of thousands of dollars for them.

Here’s 7 things to focus on before you do another round of solution platform trials:

  1. You need a dedicated solution for managing your homes, condos and apartments
  2. your business is about clear communication and helpful service to your tenants
  3. you need to keep all your units and property accounts separate from your own
  4. you need a simplified solution with the 8 core services
  5. you need it to be affordable
  6. you need a support rep focused on your SMB landlord or property management tasks
  7. you don’t want a solution that tries to take over your business — you just want to streamline your work and get things done

Check Out ManageCasa Residential property management service  – perfect for progressive landlords and small property management companies.

⦁ advertise your vacancy more cost-effectively via your ManageCasa client website
⦁ let renters pay their rent online
⦁ automate late fees
⦁ do tenant screening and background checks
⦁ create and manage leases online and integrate with accounting
⦁ online maintenance requests, tickets, and reporting


Book a Demo of ManageCasa now to discover more great features!


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