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Choose the Right Software

Property management software helps landlords and property managers streamline their workloads to save money and accomplish more.

You can significantly reduce administration time, organize maintenance, track expenses, communicate with tenants, advertise and find tenants, collect rent and more.

Without the right software solution, we’re unable to achieve the operational efficiency and power we must have today. This is driving the demand for the solutions you’re comparing and investigating.

The One You Need is Simpler Than you Think

List of Property Management CompaniesBelow you’ll learn more about the qualities you’re hoping for in your online property management software solution. And you’ll learn questions you should be asking to ensure you find the right residential or commercial solution.

You’ll be comparing the feel of each solution’s dashboard, customer service capabilities, automation-power, range of service modules, and the overall power to deliver the results you want.

Your selection of the best software will help you save immense amounts of work time, ease your exhaustion, improve your confidence, and free up more time and resources for improved rental property management.

Take your time, and choose wisely! If you want a great software right now, you can’t go wrong with ManageCasa. It’s easy to use, has the powerful features you demand, and it’s very affordably.  You can learn a lot from a test run, please do check it out now!


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The Best Property Management Solution for Your New Challenges

For property managers, housing regulation compliance, government moratoriums, taxes, higher costs, and more properties are increasing workloads.  It’s this overwhelm that has likely forced you to seek a better solution.

Most software providers will offer free accounts, free trials, and free demos, so you should investigate. The goal isn’t the best price or free property management software, it’s software that will help you get your rental management workload simplified. That translates to higher profitability.

Each property management solution specializes in a particular type of user such as the enterprise level asset manager where they may own 10,000 rental units, or the small entrepreneurial landlord who manages 5 to 500 properties. ManageCasa is adaptable for those managing between 100 to 5000 rental units.

Property Management Software Features

How to Choose Property Management Software?

We’ve covered how to choose the best property management software, and let’s touch on that briefly here. Key considerations:

  1. is it a full fledged, all in one platform?
  2. does it have the features and benefits I need?
  3. how much does it cost? Will costs jump too high at a specific number of doors?
  4. is it installed or is it cloud-based? Data security is critical and only cloud-based platforms offer that security.
  5. does it automate tenant rental payments? Automated payments streamline your cash flow and accounting processes.
  6. does it have automated owner reporting and disbursement built in? Software which automates these tasks makes work a breeze for you
  7. is customer support in India or a US-based technical expert with real product expertise? A good rep you can understand is needed.
  8. is there a tenant portal to let tenants help themselves?  Self-help yet they can communicate directly with you while respecting your time.
  9. does the solution include a double-entry accounting system? Keeping your client accounts separate and reports accurate is important.
  10. how much automation does it provide? The more automation, the faster you can grow your business and raise your profit margins.
  11. can you scale up with the property software?  Will it create bottlenecks and eat up your profits and time?

Some popular property management software aggressively advertised on the web reflects investors’ ad budgets, not the real value of the software solution to you. Simplicity, relevant services, affordability, ease of learning and use, transparency and knowledgeable customer service are the real deliverables.

6 Key Tasks for Rental Management

From beginner landlords and property management startups to well-established property management firms, we field a wide variety of questions about modern property management.  The questions revolve around these six tasks:

  1. tenant and lease tracking
  2. maintenance management
  3. bookkeeping and accounting
  4. budgeting and financial management
  5. online rent payment
  6. business automation processes

Important questions regarding property management software solutions:

Surveys say growth, efficiency, communications and profit are the pressing priorities of top property management companies.

Property Management Companies Must Cut Costs

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic shutdown period property managers and landlords have seen rent payment, tenant communications, and maintenance requests go online. Fortunately, most were transitioning to online software solutions.

This cost-cutting is no small matter. The savings in time and the synchronization of service calls, and removal of paper documents has been a godsend.

Investors too, are seeking new property management companies who can manage their assets well, protect them from risk and harm, and attract and lease to high-quality tenants. They often begin their search for a property management company with low service fees, but thoughtfulness helps them see the value in high-quality professional services.

Low fees actually endanger the value of their investments, so they focus back on the property management company’s business model and how it will deliver and higher ROI and better tenant services.

Still, costs are important to landlords and investors. In the IT world, cost is reduced via excellent, cloud based software and automating services — from bookkeeping to payments to tenant services.

6 Key Benefits of Property Management Software

  1. Lower Cost  The cloud is a network of computers which share the newest technical computing resources. Legacy systems on the other hand need to be hosted on a local server with an administrator. That’s expensive. Since cloud systems are so vast and provide so many services, it’s comparatively inexpensive in contrast. Savings in price is thousands of dollars in hosting, administration, and programming. Maintenance, upgrades, and more are handled by the cloud hosting company. And if you have a WordPress blog, they have the resources to ensure it’s fast and not easily hacked.
  1. Improved Compatibility and Performance.  The gigantic cloud computing system offers many services and software compatibility benefits whether mobile or desktop. It allows PM systems to leverage an exciting variety of new cloud-based landlord apps or property management apps.
  2. Better Security.  Although having data stored on outside servers may seem risky at first, the big cloud server/hosting firms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Salesforce, and SAP offer the latest in data encryption, firewall and other security tools. That level of security isn’t available on small local servers.The threat of hacking is always there yet these companies have better software and hardware resources, top-notch data encryption, as well as trained security professionals to better identify hackers in real-time. That means they’re actually more secure.
  1. Infinite Scalability.  In terms of the number of users, computing, and data storage is concerned, the cloud has infinite resources. That means cloud-based property management software can respond instantly to your company’s needs. No bottlenecks, downtime, and crashes due to restrictions.No matter how many units and tenants you have in your system, it functions the same. That’s a source of confidence for large and fast-growing property management companies who don’t want downtime and the frustration of hosting on a completely new system.
  1. Easier Staff/ Collaboration.  Your staff, landlords, and contractors are very important. Cloud-based property management software enables easy, secure collaboration with a variety of tools. You can all connect with them anytime, anywhere via any device, and authorized users can access accounts without problems.
  2. Disaster Recovery and Automatic Updates.  Your ManageCasa property management software is always updated negating the need for manual action from an IT technician. And if your server fails or you’re hacked, your system can be recovered automatically and redeployed much faster.  For a large property management company, this is peace of mind is very important. Downtime can be costly.


Example: ManageCasa Serves 3 Distinct Customers

ManageCasa’s property management platform provides the right kind of service for 1) Landlords , 2) Property Management Firms, and 3) Mid sized property rental firms which are scaling up to service more tenants.

Introducing the ManageCasa Property Management Platform

ManageCasa’s all in one property management platform is a foundation for a modern property management company.  Because you’re stressed and overworked, we’ve designed a solution that’s easier to understand and use.  It helps automate workflow and tedious tasks to give you your time back.

ManageCasa is an all-in-one online property management automation solution that gives you all the security and power of the cloud, while saving your budget. Sign up for a Property Management Software Demo and find out how it solves your most pressing issues.

Schedule a Demo of ManageCasa and discover how it can give your property management business a serious lift.

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Learn More about ManageCasa as a startup on Crunchbase and then proceed to learn how to buy ManageCasa Property Management software for your business.

Improve How You Manage Your Rental Properties

Improve everything from your business model, to tenant management and rent collection using ManageCasa. It’s not all software of course. Please do visit our property management blog to learn more about software and to stay updated on where the industry is headed.


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