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The property management sector is undergoing big changes driven by a changing economy, pressured rental housing market, and new technology.

Property managers and landlords have heard the new cloud-based solutions increase profitability and lower operating costs. It’s more than automation though. It’s exploring exciting new business models that promise to outperform outdated solutions still being used today.

The perfect route to the right solution always involves a product demo.  A new property management software solution is a complex purchase, and can’t be performed in videos, marketing pages, or blog posts. It’s done with real sales pros who can answer difficult and specific questions. An actual demonstration of the product is essential.

Our Customers and Prospects Revealed a Lot

During our many seasons of Property Management Conferences and Trade Shows, we demo’d our powerful property management platform to many attendees.  They like what they saw.  It gave them an opportunity to ask us their important questions casually, face to face, and for us to hear their challenges.

Too many of property managers complained of using outdated but popular property management platforms.  They were concerned about losing business, seeing costs rise and workloads increase, and competitors moving ahead of them. Best selling doesn’t mean best quality, especially as these solutions can’t be updated to the Web 2.0 standards (Web 3.0 coming).

Now as the years pass, we can see that their fears were warranted. Profits are under attack from multiple directions.

A User Friendly Solution that’s Fun to Use

What makes ManageCasa different is a focus on the property manager who has many owners and properties to manage.  That complexity has to be dealt with.

As you saw in the features page, ManageCasa has many core services which you’ll be enjoying every day.  The power, security, ease of learning and use, and reliability of this updated platform does have a dollar value to your business.

You’ll find the key benefits are: comfort, lower stress, confidence, and reduced workloads. From smart automation of accounting, to online rental payments and enhanced tenant communications, your dashboard provides one central place to do all your work. Manage all your leasing, applications, and payments so easily.

Investigating a modern, secure, cloud-based SaaS property management solution will be the wisest use of your time this year.  Schedule a demo of ManageCasa now and be confident you’re getting the modern software platform you deserve.


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