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Are you looking to hire a property management services firm soon?

If you’ve been in the rental property business for a while, and haven’t yet enjoyed the profit performance you expected, it’s likely time to make a change.

In 2020, for a variety of reasons, you’re likely doing more work than usual, perhaps maintenance and rent collection. And you might be concerned that your workload is only going to increase and potentially overwhelm you by 2021. At some point, you won’t have the time or energy, or the upgraded technical and marketing skills to continue the way you are now.

Quality property management service firms have the technology, marketing skills, and operations expertise to make outsourcing property management the best choice for growth minded owners.

More Properties, More Work

More properties, more difficulty in collecting rent, more regulation, more challenging maintenance and repairs, along with challenges in hiring staff and contractors, and integrating technology.

Yes, it just doesn’t seem like property management is a do it yourself business model any longer.

Yet this could be a big break for you, when you hand the work off to a trained professional with the skills, resources, people, and property management systems to manage the work easily. Now you can get the results.

This helpful post is part of a series of articles designed to help you achieve your profitability and business success goals. The other posts on deciding on hiring a property management company, improving ROI, staying on track for success, best types of properties to buy, setting property performance standards, and new digital amenities, all focus on improvement and growth.


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Outdated, Irrelevant Views of the Real Value Property Managers Create

If you’ve read some of the descriptions and features which property management firms use on most property management websites, you can see how they miss communicating the real value of their services described.

Sometimes, they’re only trying to differentiate themselves from the pack, while other times attracting leads with the most basic service features in order to get a phone call.

Instead, the landlord owners reading them should be immediately drawn to the key benefits, then introduced to key services which provide those vital results. When these companies let you drill down fast to what’s really important, they’re respecting your time and getting you focused on high ROI and improved equity.

Vital Property Management Services

A professional property management service firm can do your work faster, and they know how to systematically reduce the workload. And the reduction of work is what property management software platforms are all about — automation, digitization, and administration.

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A professional property manager uses a simplified property management software platform that automates, communicates, reports, and manages well. This automation of processes is key to success.

Reducing the time spent chasing, collecting and processing rent payments is one very desired improvement. Another is cost efficient and more timely maintenance of your building ops, landscaping, and appliances.

The cost to you as a landlord, is time, pain and accidents. Sure their service fees are the big issue, but to hurdle that barrier, you could hire them in stages. Identify those property management services you must outsource. But don’t just outsource the most unpleasant tasks, outsource those that will grow your revenue.

Open up to their more professional approaches and system to allow them to generate better returns, and keep you in business.

A lot more can be said about property management service contractors and managers. They provide a huge range of services and results, which only you as a landlord can fully appreciate.

The Big 3 Services Provided

The key services during this pandemic period are rent collection, cost management, and professional maintenance services.

Property management pros understand the rental property business and can collaborate with you on how to improve your ROI. From strategies to tactics, you’ll better surmount challenges and crises, when they’re working with you.

At whatever degree of involvement with your properties, they can be a steadying and reassuring presence for your rental property investment business. And when we speak of you being in business (property management is a good sector too), these are the people who make this endeavor a real business.

If you’re still managing your properties in a do it yourself, part time manner, it’s not going to work when you have to scale up. And scaling up is how you become wealthy through rental property investing.

15 Key Property Management Services

The first 3 services listed are core to generating the best ROI from hiring a property management service company. And the other 12 are vital support services to help you transform your rental property investment business into the winner you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. professional approach to rent collection and rent related issue management with your valued tenants
  2. efficient property maintenance at a lower cost
  3. professional, responsive tenant communications and lease management
  4. better landscaping services to improve tenant comfort and build curb appeal
  5. insight into the rental market and how to price your units better
  6. professional, detailed inspection of your rental units and advice on hazards and risks
  7. improved tenant screening
  8. offer recommendations on improving ROI
  9. tenant application processing and rental suite showing and move in
  10. writing better leases and better adherence to legal guidelines
  11. better marketing and vacancy ad writing services to draw better tenants
  12. reassurance to rental tenants that your property or building is well maintained
  13. experience and professional advice for all issues you face
  14. automation of document management, maintenance scheduling, and tenant communications
  15. provide repairs via licensed contractors and vetting all contractors (bonded)

Property management service firms and rental property investors together — a marriage made in heaven don’t you think?

From excellent property maintenance to insight owner reports, to managing your precious tenants professionally, a good property management services company can offer real peace of mind.

Good luck in scaling up your business and excelling through 2020 and in the next 5 years.  The company you choose must be managing your tenants and properties using the best property management software possible.  ManageCasa is ideally suited for a modern managers of 50 to 400 rental units.


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