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Hunting for stellar 5-star performance from an affordable property management solution?

You’re on the web or visiting NARPM or a software review site, but it likely confused you and you stopped your investigation.  Confusing you is part of the process, so you’ll get mired in details that seem to favor their solution.

Gaining clarity is important.  Yes, there are a lot of possible property management software apps that could work for you. However, the emphasis now is on all-in-one comprehensive software that does what you need it to do, for your business.

Software Reviews Are Often Weak

Reviews are weak on software pricing too.  Few solutions really distinguish themselves on price. No one should compete on price, especially when software is already a bargain. And when foundational tech is your business, it should mean price is a lesser consideration.



Assessing where Technology is Headed

The future arrives fast, and it’s already here in property management with SaaS and cloud infrastructure. They allow interoperability of apps, and extensibility for important features such as online payment, communications, and extended revenue-building services.

One key issue for web reviews by end users, is that the underlying sustainability of the solution and technology isn’t measured/assessed.  What is popular and was popular in property management technology now won’t matter in 5 years.

Constant software bugs and glitches make the solution less valuable to them, and thus the solution won’t keep up to modern trends.

Your quest to find the best property management software, one that will give you a sustainable quality of service over time, requires some objective thought and good judgment.

5 Key Attributes to Look For

  • intuitive dashboard (simplicity for staff usage)
  • automation of work (i.e., dedicated property accounting processes to take load off of staff to make experienced decisions)
  • knowledgeable customer service (strong product knowledge, helpfulness, empathy and ability to communicate)
  • affordable price
  • cloud-based, all-in-one services platform


Does Your Software Really Give you a Business Advantage?

Is your property management software really giving you the business advantage you need?  Have you reduced costs, improved cash flow, lowered tenant churn, improved maintenance processes, and developed better communications with tenants?



If you’ve stuck with a popular brand of software (to keep the status quo), you might be seeing the revenue/cost equation turn sour as you scale up.  The trend now is to user-friendly software.  Managers believe the software must be fun to use, uncomplicated, and add value.

A more versatile, modern next-generation platform solution such as ManageCasa™ can help you serve more owners and showcase your work better to new prospects.   There are hundreds of property management solutions, and the best are flexible, SaaS solutions operating inexpensively on the cloud.



ManageCasa™ may be the solution your staff enjoy most. That’s an important thing when staffing is a business issue



ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware

ManageCasa Exhibits at the major property management Conventions and Expos

A comparison of ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware and other “Pop” competitors helps you understand the real value you’re receiving. It’s going to help you recognize how easy, uncomplicated, and fun managing properties can be.  They give you your time back.

Meeting Increasing Demands of the Property Management Industry

There’s a huge, growing list of property management software offered up today.  It’s a good thing actually because some of the most popular solutions are aging and are creating technology bottlenecks.  Buildium, PropertyWare, Appfolio, Rentec, TenantCloud, and hundreds of others have their own business strategy, even if you’re growing to big proportions, you may never fit their target user base.  The value proposition just never clicks in.

Why is ManageCasa a Potentially Better Choice?

Here’s just a few ways ManageCasa beats the competition and sets the new standard of performance:

  • powerful and unique double-entry accounting system is the very best available and it cuts accounting rework
  • online payment system uses Stripe, the leader on online payments making tenant rent payment and owner distribution simple and convenient
  • multilanguage and multicurrency support is convenient for today’s multinational tenant base
  • mixed property support for the modern, investment-savvy landlord who wants the best portfolio possible
  • Multi-media rich maintenance tickets and customizable charts and more to support communication and collaboration
  • some property management software is produced to grab property managers’ workflow and business, not to provide maximum service and fit in with how you currently do business. You’re expected to adapt to their platform.


Let’s take a direct look at ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware and how property managers benefit.

ManageCasa vs other Property Management Software Solutions

ManageCasa vs other Property Management Software Solutions


ManageCasa vs other Property Management Accounting Solutions


ManageCasa not only compares favorably to competitive commercial products available such as PropertyWare, Buildium, Appfolio, Rentec, TenantCloud and hundreds of others, it offers tangible benefits for managing today’s real tenants.  Easier to learn, better for your staff, and powerful accounting benefits will make it easy to choose.

Learn more about ManageCasa and why our affordably priced platform is right for your business.


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