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Property Management Software Comparison

How ManageCasa Compares

In 2020, the added weight of the Covid 19 pandemic is keeping property manager’s more than busy.  More than ever, a modern, dedicated property management solution is a necessity.

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Keeping owners happy, completing maintenance, processing leases and documents, ensuring payments, helping staff learn new property management software, onboarding, and resolving tenant issues is a lot easier.  Switching to a new professional level solution such as ManageCasa is a wise choice.

ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware

See the comparison of ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware and other the “Pop” competitors below. ManageCasa’s services and features respect your time and budget in a user friendly format.

It’s not easy to fuse professional level functionality with user friendly features, but ManageCasa’s developers have created a masterpiece solution for progressive property managers.

Meeting Increasing Demands of the Property Management Industry

Property managers take on additional units, cut their travel, meet more regulatory requirements, introduce new amenities and services, keep up with industry trends, and try to find and keep their maintenance contractors.

Which professional quality property management software solution impress landlords and property owners? Is it really better than commercial software competitors such as Buildium, PropertyWare, Appfolio, Rentec, TenantCloud, and other startups?  We’re going to help you compare ManageCasa vs Buildium, PropertyWare, Appfolio, Rentec, TenantCloud type solutions and help you focus in on those features you must have.

ManageCasa has solid core workflow processes and added benefits other PM Software  providers don’t. Check out the property management software comparison below.

Your Software Should Adapt to Your Business

Bottom line is your client owners want higher ROI, expect low turnover, and will demand to stick to budgets.

Landlords want you to adapt to them, and make whatever asset you’re managing profitable, with no excuses. So if you’re managing like it’s 1999, your first thought might be to get out of the renal management business.

There is no way to keep up today or in 5 years from now if you’re not using the easiest, most efficient management system.  Simplicity is no joke.  Ease and simplicity tell you the software developer understands and respects your time and energy.

More searches from property managers are for easy to learn and operate solutions.  The fear is that big cumbersome corporate systems are not geared to the actual needs of smaller portfolio managers. Worse, they make their work harder.  Yet, what will they upgrade to?

Why is ManageCasa That Much Better?

Here’s just a few ways ManageCasa beats the competition and sets the new standard of performance:

  • powerful and unique double entry accounting system is the very best available and it cuts accounting rework
  • online payment system uses Stripe, the leader on online payments making tenant rent payment and owner distribution simple and convenient
  • multilanguage and multicurrency support is convenient for today’s multinational tenant base
  • mixed property support for the modern, investment-savvy landlord who wants the best portfolio possible
  • Multi-media rich maintenance tickets and customizable charts and more to support communication and collaboration
  • some property management software is produced to grab property managers workflow and business, not to provide maximum service and fit in with how you currently do business. You’re expected to adapt to their platform.

There is a huge selection of property management software solutions, and many of them are operating from from some sort of cloud service. You’ve likely heard of the pop property software programs such as Buildium, Propertyware, and Appfolio. People make assumptions that companies with big ad budgets offer the best services.

With a big base of legacy customers however, they might not need to upgrade their solutions. This is when customers get concerned about compatibility with the new era of cloud enabled, and web 2.0 connected infrastructure. Many are flocking away from the most popular solutions.

And when they actually see and understand the advantages of simplified cloud based management platforms such as ManageCasa, they know migrating will be easy. Compare ManageCasa’s benefits to the top pop software solutions available.

Let’s take a direct look at ManageCasa vs Appfolio, Buildium and Propertyware and how property managers benefit.

ManageCasa vs other Property Management Software Solutions

ManageCasa vs other Property Management Software Solutions


ManageCasa vs other Property Management Accounting Solutions


ManageCasa not only compares favorably to competitive commercial products available such as PropertyWare, Buildium, Appfolio, Rentec, TenantCloud and hundreds of others, it offers tangible benefits for managing today’s real tenants.  Easier to learn, better for your staff, and powerful accounting benefits will make it easy to choose.

Try ManageCasa and discover how cloud property management software creates solid business value.

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