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April 29, 2022

What’s New in Property Management?

Whether technology, politics or the Covid 19 threat, landlords and property managers need to keep on the trends and late breaking news. We thought this post, updated frequently would be the one post you’d want to bookmark and share with others.

It’s an exciting time for landlords and those equipped with the best property management software will have an extra advantage.

It could be the new investment, technology, efficiency, and competition could be changing the culture of property management and the housing market this year.

The Latest News Stories:

Good News for Landlords and Property Managers

Doesn’t it seem like the news is always dark, threatening and discouraging? That’s the news that sells and gets clicks, but not the news we need to hear.

With economy doing well, employment high, rent payments increasing, evictions declining, and summer approaching, why stay stuck in the doldrums with the news networks?

We thought we’d gather some of the most positive and encouraging news items of recent and present another version of reality.

  • Rents are rising — will help landlords who are beleaguered and in debt from the pandemic —
  • Funding for property management companies, rental property investment and property management software platforms are increasing –
  • Rent Arrears in the UK actually lower than pre-pandemic period —
  • Lower cost profile of multifamily development is driving a surge in construction —
  • Mortgage rate rises take a breather, and they’re not high compared to historic rates —
  • Global travel is increasing, could be a good summer —
  • UK landlord strikes deal to build affordable homes —
  • Renters are willing to pay more than landlords thought they would for three things: convenient payment options, guest parking, and flexible lease terms —
  • Multifamily sector is ripe for disruption —


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