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How Property Management Companies are Better Today

November 16, 2020

22 Ways Property Managers are Outperforming

Property managers have found digital solutions are providing relief as we head into 2021. And these solutions respond to landlord’s most vexing problems.

Yet despite the health threat to tenants, rent cash flow crisis, and eviction moratoria, many property management companies feel positive they’re on the right track. Most are expecting growth in 2021, but growth doesn’t guarantee profit.

Below we have 22 key ways that managers use to raise property management performance.

The Shift to Automation

Back at the first of the year, some landlords and property managers stayed true to their traditional routine of manual management.  Those routines included in-office, face to face management processes such as screening interviews, in-person rent collection, paperwork processing, spreadsheet finances, on-site visits to diagnose tenant or equipment/house problems, and in-person repairs while tenants were home.

A shift to property management software is helping with the overwork and rework issues and improving profitability.

How are property management companies adapted?

22 Ways the Pandemic Affected Property Managers

  1. property management business being conducting online
  2. tenants are being increasingly managed via virtual channels particularly via apps
  3. complexity is making landlords outsource to property management companies who have the technology
  4. adding value via greater involvement in owners financial management, cash flow, and accounts receivable
  5. third-party, independent property managers are expecting growth in portfolios and revenue going forward
  6. managers learning more about the preferences of all tenant demographics including Gen Z and Millennials
  7. being more aware of their company’s unique value proposition to landlords
  8. business is being built on modern property management software
  9. exercising greater diligence with work execution and staff safety
  10. creating disesase control plans for apartment and multifamily buildings
  11. taking more care in tenant relations
  12. gaining better judgment about managing unprofitable properties
  13. learning to grow revenue via additional services rather than raising rents
  14. automating accounting and rent collection to save time
  15. buying other property management companies
  16. treating staff hiring and tenant screening as key factors in future performance
  17. avoiding apartments and taking on more single-family house portfolios
  18. managing with uncertainty in legal, revenue, leases, and expectations
  19. understanding landlord-tenant laws
  20. learning how to encourage rent payments and conduct tenant evictions properly
  21. respecting property management insurance
  22. learning poise and emotional balance during such turbulence in lockdowns and outbreaks

For those property management company leaders who accepted the challenge and modernized to meet it, a business advantage has been realized at the expense of companies who were late to the digital party.

ManageCasa Can Help You Scale Up for a Sustainable Business

If you’re growing your property management firm, you can buy out other companies to scale up to greater profitability. But only by modernizing will you be able to sustain that level of business.

Improving your marketing power should give you yet another advantage such as: lead generation, improving tenant acquisition, premium brand recognition, and justifying higher rent prices.

It’s a certainty that in 2021, managers will sink more funds into property management marketing.  Learn more about what landlords and property managers can do to cut costs, grow profit and improve their tenant experience.


Take a thorough look at ManageCasa property management software. This all in one platform has all the services and capabilities you need in one easy to learn and manage interface.

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