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Property Management Companies Pennsylvania

December 23, 2020

Property Management Companies in Pennsylvania

When Pennsylvania landlords and investor owners grow their portfolios, they will be looking for maintenance and property management companies to help.

To help you help launch on your search for the right service provider, we have some company selection related tips, and we’ve listed some notable property management companies below in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown.

There are hundreds of property management firms in Pennsylvania. We thought it would be wise to consider a few companies and encourage you to measure them against your specific rental property service needs. See our post on how to choose a property management company.

Finding the Right Service Provider in Pennsylvania

While a firm’s reputation, size, and top management staff are important factors to review, services, availability, skills, experience, licensing, accreditation, education, and customer service orientation are also vital.

Your needs are unique and the best property management company for you is one with the right fit.  You can choose between franchised and owner-managed firms. Some of these companies may provide unique services that can make them particularly valuable to you.

US property management companies: please see our posts on property management companies, property management services, how services are evolving, improving property management profitability, software comparison, and controlling property management expenses.

Ensure They Use the Right Software

It is preferable to hire a firm that uses a modern, cloud-based software platform. Simple, affordable, manageable software is the foundation for workflow automation, financial control, and legal compliance.

Communications, profit and customer service are the top priorities for modern property management companies.

Your choice of software could determine your property management provider’s quality of service. It’s good to review what services your property management software can help improve before signing a deal with a provider.

Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia

Bay Property Group brings more than 10 years of experience in full suite management services.

Services range from marketing and leasing to rent collection and property maintenance. Their maintenance techs are on call 24/7.  Property types managed include single-family houses, multifamily and commercial units. They offer great rates and have relationships with skilled vendors along with their own in-house technicians. Their fees are listed and transparent on their website.

Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia
1080 N Delaware Ave #506,
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: (443) 708-4698

XCEL Property Management

XCEL PM is a full-service property management company located in Center City. They are focused on cost and respond with a customer-oriented approach. They add value by reducing owners’ expenses, located additional investment opportunities, find areas for improvement and upgrade, to improve your asset’s value.

They manage single-family rental houses, multifamily homes, condominiums, commercial real estate and student housing. Their property management fees are transparent and listed on the website.

For single family rentals, EXCEL PM offers rent processing by check or ACH, unit marketing, utility bill payment, eviction filing, assistance with legal matters. And they provide property inspections, maintenance services, and emergency response.

XCEL Property Management
1500 Walnut Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19102
610 526 0435

MK Management

MK Management Group provides property management and maintenance services in the North Philadelphia area.
The company offers extensive and varied experience across several industries. Their innovative business model fuses the investor perspective with a disciplined and responsive approach to leasing and property management. They have a commitment to hiring the best professionals to deliver superior customer service to owners and tenants alike.

Their range of services include:

  • maintenance requests
  • rental advertising
  • tenant screening
  • lease preparation
  • tenant onboarding
  • rent processing
  • owner statements

MK Management
1533 N Sydenham St,
Philadelphia, PA 19121
215 765 1429


Pittsburgh Property Management Companies

Arbors Management Inc.

Arbors Management Inc., serves the Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Western PA region. Founded in 1982, they understand the price points, the resident pool, and the local vendors and contractors. Arbors Management now employees more than 100 staff providing dependable and hassle-free services. They are dedicated to the fiscal and physical management of residential, commercial and condominium properties.

Their focus on customer service, building a culture of excellence and a community are notable values.

Arbors Management Inc.
1010 Western Avenue Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
800 610 2535

Arkham Realty and Property Management

Arkham Realty is a full-service property management and realty company in Pittsburgh. The firm offers what others don’t—stress-free real estate transactions. For owners, they provide buying and selling, managing and lease rental property.

The firm focused on customer service, responsiveness, access to the right problem solver and they offer an extensive knowledge of real estate and property management.

Their service include: rental advertising, tenant acquisition, screening, cashflow management, an owner portal, and quality maintenance and repair services. They have their own team of repair people along with connections with local service providers and contractors.

Arkham Realty and Property Management
800 Vinial Street Suite B302A
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 665-0500

Allentown Property Management Services

Sunburst Property Management Allentown

For more than 30 years, Sunburst Property Management has been delivering managed services and maintenance throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

Sunburst’s staff includes four full-time property managers, four licensed Pennsylvania real estate agents and a Pennsylvania broker of record.

The firm focuses on reliability, quality, integrity, diversification, and experience. Their supervisory staff has over 75 years of experience collectively and 100 years combined in maintenance work. They management apartment buildings in Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, and Emmaus.

Sunburst Property Management
425 Business Park Lane,
Allentown, PA 18109

Pinnacle Property Management Group, Allentown

Pinnacle PMG offers services including rental marketing and advertising, tenant application and screening, legal compliance, property analysis including accurate rent pricing, maintenance requests, responsiveness, thorough accounting and auditing, and owner disbursements.

The company also offers HOA management services.

Their mission statement promises to understand clients, exceed expectations, provide excellence through knowledge, achieve goals through commitment, and foster feelings of community to create lasting relationships. You can learn more about PPMG by calling them.

Pinnacle Property Management Group, Allentown
2851 S Pike Ave,
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 791-3614


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* please note the above list of property management service providers is for our visitor’s information and does not connote an endorsement of these firms. Please perform your due diligence regarding qualifications, licensing and integrity checks.


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