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January 05, 2021

A Property Management Software Platform is the Solution!

Are you a member of a Facebook group or property management forum? If you’ve gotten tired of reading gripes, you’re not alone. Material posted there is often negative, racy, and shocking and a few participants actually enjoy that.

Of course, for those in multifamily and apartment management, these are challenging times and a little venting is bound to happen.

What are landlords griping about? If it isn’t rent collection or tenant problems, it’s tenant requests, questions and responses, unit conditions after tenants leave, deposit fund disputes, sudden utility or equipment breakdowns, or the struggle with whether to stay in the industry.

The volume and variety of complaints is high and after a while, it isn’t fun to read.

When landlords and property management company managers get mired in griping, it can actually prevent them from seeing and believing what they need to fix things.  They’re not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak. In the process, they can’t see a BIG picture solution and their suffering continues on year after year.

Until they change their perspective and feel it on a gut level, they remain stuck.

If you know of a landlord or property manager like this, they may need a little nudge.

Reduce the Mayhem

As forest firefighters know, having a forest management system can help reduce the usual causes of fires that plague communities. In fact, actual firefighting is the last action they want to take. Prevention is the BIG theme.

It’s the same with tending to a large number of rental apartments and houses for rent. Landlords are constantly putting out fires.

The solution is obvious to us, yet they may view property management software as an admin data entry tool to just record the mayhem.  We need to change that and other perceptions.  Because some property management companies are going to be left behind in 2021 if they don’t go BIG picture first.

Foresight, Insight and Preparation

What if all rental management issues can be foreseen, avoided, hedged, or streamlined? What if the tenant experience could be improved right from the start so the maintenance and micromanagement mayhem doesn’t happen?

With better data from inspections, condition reports, maintenance records, financial reports, and tenant experiences, you can reduce phone calls, in-person responses, complaints, confrontations, emergencies and off-hours responses, rent collection activities, in-person meetings, and tenant education messages.

BIG Picture:  Your daily workflow is a process and property management automation can take the pain away.

Step up to a High Level View

Landlords describe their problems as “everything” and at other times, not being appreciated or perhaps being taken advantage of. This takes a toll on confidence, health and business outlook. As portfolios grow, there might be only one way to control that growing interplay of problems — simplified property management software.

The key point I want to make is that there is a direct relationship between property management simplification and a reduction of all the things landlords complain about on Facebook Groups and other time wasting forums.

Business areas that must be controlled or improved:

  1. tenant acquisition
  2. lease management
  3. collecting rent and cash flow
  4. maintenance and operations
  5. tenant relations
  6. bookkeeping and accounting

So how do we convince landlords to see property management software as the BIG solution to their work, career and business success challenges?

Let’s take a roll call of toxic landlord problems and how property management software might erase them:

  • back rent due – automated alerts, warnings, directives and instructions
  • late rent notices – alerts and automated late fees
  • too many maintenance calls – foresight into looming issues and scheduled maintenance
  • angry irresponsible tenants – tenant acquisition and screening improvements and improved communications
  • after-hours emergency calls – improved data on property condition from inspections
  • unexpected documentation edits – online document management
  • receipts and bill management – online documentation and bookkeeping
  • accounting – dedicated double-entry accounting system online
  • telephone tag delays – dedicated direct messaging

Streamlining is a Beautiful Thing

If you could prevent 50% of these issues, with no more putting out fires, you’d be happier and better off financially.
Hiring more, well-trained staff and contractors isn’t the right solution. Those quality people are hard to find and are an expensive option.

Use a property management automation solution. ManageCasa is the right choice. It was designed to simplify learning and save time and money. It’s user friendly, intuitive, and dedicated for property management tasks.

You’ll find it a pleasant and fresh experience. Don’t forget to review property management trends, software features, and how incredibly affordable ManageCasa is. There’s no better bargain for smart landlords and property managers.


Try ManageCasa and Discover a Big Picture Solution


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