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Property Management Automation – 7 Top Benefits

The Power of Automation in Property Management Software

The workload on property management staff never seems to end.  While you enjoy your daily work, you may have dreamed of more time to work on your property management business.

You’re getting valuable work accomplished, keeping landlords and tenants happy, however expectations have changed. Now in 2022, everyone’s time pressured. Modern tenants especially expect more digital services and automation. They love the word automation — because it relaxes them.


Property Management Automation  — who doesn’t love the phrase “No work required?” 


There are a lot of reasons for you to adopt property management automation software.  The automation of daily tasks and customer interaction may be the most important. The time savings across a property management firm via automation can be a serious business booster.

It’s a Transformation Not a Trend

Let Automation do the Multitasking

Research has shown that multitasking is unproductive and can affect worker health.  But now for computers and software platforms.

Automation is at the seat of business improvement in 2022. The cloud based system enables automation. And automation is now the standard for operations. It’s a transformation of the property management industry and there’s no going back.

The tools and platforms are here and ready to help ease your workload. Not everything is automated, but with a little encouragement on your part you can automate all that can be.

New property management startups have a competitive advantage. With no legacy systems or old school practices, they’re free to build their business on top of software automation. It automatically optimizes their work processes and allows everyone to progress to more profitable business models.


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What is Property Management Software Automation?

Consider these very important benefits of automation:

1.   Rent Collection: automating online rental payments for tenants reduces issues and errors in transactions. The whole process is done invisibly to you so it’s like the task disappears.

2.  Maintenance Requests: tenant generated messaging and auto response 24 x 7

3.  Simplified Accounting: bookkeeping entries and accounting entries automatically executed without your manual input means you can concentrate on verification (better than spreadsheets)

4.  Consistency: tenants and contractors learn the system and follow the computerized process

5.  Property Inspections: Conduct inspections via templates via tablet device, automatically saving them and generating reports. Mobile inspections can save a lot of time if you conduct 20 ore more inspections per month.

6.  Reduced Paperwork: reduce paper waste and handwritten entries which tire your hand and arm, and elminate errors and lost paperwork

7.  Automating Performance Reports: Collecting, collating and interpreting data for reports is a horrible task. The best software accurately and quickly does this and gives you real time views of your business. Landlords (HOA board members, treasurers too) and staff will appreciate not having to make so many phone calls since the data is readily available in reports in real time.

“I’ve Already Tried Rental Property Software”

Some modern property management software is designed specifically for users. This goes beyond dedicated accounting systems for property management to rent collection, self-service solutions, marketing, and maintenance processes.

Streamlining is such an important benefit, it’s wise for you to speak with our product specialists and get to know the software features you’ll enjoy in your platform dashboard.

Property software fails when it’s too complicated and discourages use. If tenant communications and management is your key problem then try a solution that focuses on communications. Master that first, then move on to integrate accounting, rental payment, or maintenance contractor management.

Try out ManageCasa and discover those modules you could use a little help with. It’s more than automation, it’s service optimization. Your staff and tenants will love it.


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