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March 27, 2020

Managing Property Maintenance

In the business of property management, the service of property maintenance is vital to keeping property assets in good condition and to keep tenants leased.

For the public and for many landlords, property maintenance is property management. Yet, these are actually two separate activities.

Property maintenance is multifaceted services which we discuss below.  Nice to know that it can be managed professionally via your property management software. Let’s discuss all you need to know to improve how you manage maintenance services.

What is Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance includes caring for the landscape, building mechanical equipment and infrastructure, and exterior elements. The benefits include avoiding fires, floods, disease transmission, bylaw infractions, and avoiding tenant injuries and lawsuits.

It’s essential to serve tenants well and to control costs long term. In this sense, maintenance is investment asset protection.

Spring Maintenance Time

Now that you’re out and about in the spring, doing some maintenance, you might not use a routine or keep good records of what you’ve done and equipment conditions. Inspecting, cleaning, repairing and other activities should be recorded.

This information is vital for landlords who need to plan financing for future equipment repairs, contractor service agreements, and replacement purchases (e.g., windows, roofing, HVAC, and plumbing fixtures).

The more expensive your renovations or apartment amenities, the more you need to be on top of their condition. Routine inspections are key to protecting these amenities which are key parts of your renter value proposition.

Property Maintenance Strategy

For any property maintenance company, having a management strategy helps to guide and streamline activities and cover key upkeep needs.

There are 3 different maintenance strategies:

  1. reactive maintenance (wait for issues and failure to happen and respond to emergencies)
  2. preventive maintenance (perform inspections in regular intervals to record condition)
  3. predictive maintenance (using sensors and inspections to establish when maintenance actually needed)

It’s likely your maintenance company will use all three strategies, but hopefully less of the first.


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Top Trends in Property Maintenance

  1. use of energy efficient appliances
  2. buying low maintenance appliances
  3. installing LED lighting
  4. installing better home insulation
  5. using property management software to enable contractor automation
  6. mobile technology online tenant portals via smartphones for automatic maintenance requests
  7. building monitoring technology such as sensors for heat and water condensation
  8. property management software with tenant portals to communicate to tenants how to manage their responsibilities for care and maintenance
  9. self-cleaning roof gutters
  10. long lasting roofing requiring little maintenance and repair

Property Maintenance Services

When you don’t have time or the expertise to maintain your buildings, mechanicals, landscaping, and utilities, you’ll be looking for a good property maintenance company to do this for you efficiently. The cleaning and maintenance of equipment today requires technical skills and training. In this way, you’re cheaply leveraging the training and efficiency in maintenance that these providers possess.

You’ll want to ensure they have proper training and appropriate experience. Check out IREM maintenance courses  and property maintenance certification.

Proper Licensing is often Mandatory

One advantage in outsourcing maintenance is that these contractors can respond quickly and they have tools, skills, resources and capabilities you don’t possess.

An additional matter with respect to tenants is that tenants are more compliant and respectful of expert technicians who know why machines or other equipment break down. Their dialog/expert advice with tenants and explanations may carry more weight than your own.

Of course, as with any provider, they make direct contact with your customers and CRM issues can occur. You must screen and hire well, to avoid any over charging, wrong repairs, and tenant relations issues.

Property management companies will often contract out maintenance and repairs to a specialized property maintenance company. It’s a world of specialization now.

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Typical Property Maintenance Services

Whether you’re a landlord or a busy commercial property management company, you’ll likely need property maintenance service providers to handle these tasks listed below. Some of them such as electrical and plumbing must be conducted by licensed technicians.

  • general cleaning and disinfecting of units before showing and move-ins
  • lawn maintenance, tree trimming, garden tending, watering and landscaping
  • sanding prepping and painting
  • swimming pool and hot tub maintenance
  • testing alarms and inspecting fire extinguishers
  • carpentry, flooring, cabinet and door repairs
  • appliance maintenance and repairs (HVAC, washers, dishwashers, water heaters
  • snow removal
  • power washing, parking lot cleaning
  • refuse pickup
  • painting and drywall replacement
  • storm clean-up
  • external repairs to sidewalks, roofs, gutters, and windows
  • sign changing and updating
  • removing graffiti and wall defacement
  • plumbing & electrical
  • pest extermination

Benefits of Maintenance Management Software

If you use a property management software such as ManageCasa, you may be able to connect directly with a property maintenance firm online. You’ll be in complete control of purchases, expenses, tenant communications, and certain of task completion. The lease terms will specify which costs are charged to which account or tenants.

Tenants can contact you immediately via the software for emergencies in their units providing photos of their situation so you can better understand what is needed.

Via the software you can arrange to dispatch them to a property for routine maintenance or emergency repairs.
So, as your portfolio builds, you may still be able to save a lot of money (avoiding property management companies) and working directly with contractors.  If you hire a property maintenance company or property management company, they can adopt the ManageCasa platform too.

You’ll appreciate how a professional quality property management software such as ManageCasa can help you manage your properties, tenants and contractors efficiently.

We’re into the property maintenance peak time of the year. Good luck with your property maintenance management strategy in 2020.

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