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Preparing for New Tenants

Preparing new tenants can be stressful, and hard work. Here at ManageCasa this week, we bring you a list of tips for must-dos before a tenant gets ready to move in. Learn how ManageCasa can make the onboarding experience easier for property managers and make your new tenants happy!

Overview of the key steps in the process:

1. Application Submission and Review

Out with the paper and in with digital applications! Not only do tenants love it, property managers do too!  Paper applications are easy to misplace or lose, and if stolen, could be a huge hassle. ManageCasa has a complete online application process that will help application reviews much easier.


2. Lease Procedures

Check that the lease contains all the relevant information, void of any loopholes. At the very lease, the points addressed in a lease should be:

  • Legal Names
  • Dates of the lease
  • Deposit and rent values
  • Late fees and penalties
  • Noise, parking, and cleaning acceptability levels
  • Pets

Meet with your tenants, go through the lease together and make sure both parties agree on all points. Sign in person OR send the lease to be signed electronically. Either way, have a copy electronically for both parties. It is worth the comfort and ease of having a eSign service, they can be as cheap as $10 a month.

3. Payment

Generally, the security deposit and the first month’s rent is collected together. The security deposit should cover for any possibly damages to the property caused by the tenant, and terms of that should be detailed in the lease agreement. The main obstacle managers come across here is actually receiving the payments. Make it easier for the tenants by making the transaction electronic, and send them an electronic receipt.

4. Preparing the Property

  • Keys: keep a tab on the number of keys that were given out. This will make it easier to collect back later. Additionally, try to hand out keys to tenants that are not able to be duplicated. Also change locks if necessary. (Hire locksmiths and keep tabs on key count on ManageCasa!)
  • Inspections: do a thorough inspection of the property after you have hired a cleaning service for the property. Note the conditions, take photos and post onto your ManageCasa account in case it is necessary to reference later. Provide a “move-in inspection” form also for the tenants, and have them fill it out.
  • Clean property: Hire a professional cleaning service to make sure the tenants are moving into a newly inspected and cleaned property.
  • Utilities: Transfer utility accounts to your new tenants.

They key to successful property management is following up with tenants. This is done most easily through using ManageCasa’s online platform. Whether you are on your laptop or phone, stay up to date with any new happenings – whether its bathroom leaks or cosmetic damages – that the tenant might report. ManageCasa has all different features that makes managing the properties and communicating with tenants effortless!

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