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Content is What Powers Success Today

July 25, 2019

You Need Better Content

If you’re a Property Manager or Realtor, you already have the most important marketing asset possible — your website.

A website (and social media pages) contains compelling, engaging content, and it generates leads, builds your brand, and grows your sales. It’s an asset worth developing.

Conversely, when you’re invisible online, it’s hard to feel really confident or enthusiastic.

Put down your email lists, cold call list, and advertising bills to take closer look at an easier more accessible way to build real clients. I know automation, social posting, email, and PPC ads are getting all the funds and ink today. And even as artificial intelligence marketing solutions arrive, they have little value if you have poor content.

Visitors are looking for high quality content and your material needs to get found — marketing your marketing.

Quality content captures clients and keeps them returning — a key part of your lead nurturing process.  And we want to help you create content that will get you started on the right path to sales.

Your Next Clients Are Online

They’re all online.  You need to be visible persistently and offer continuous value which is done through your content and doing a little promotion via social media.

This content may include market reports, tips, client stories and testimonials, events, forecasts, insights, trends, tech updates, market demographics, product updates, videos, buyer and rental tips, and so much more.

Of course, your budget will force you to use an affordable medium.  That’s okay, because a blog post is one of the most powerful customer generators available.

We want to remind you that your prospects want this content before they hire you as their preferred Realtor or property manager.

Build a Solid, Lasting Relationship — Customer For Life

You’re great at creating leads in person, or word of mouth let’s say.  But some of them don’t last do they?  All of them will visit your website or FB page, and if your content resonates with them, you’re launching a solid, lasting emotional connection. Perfect, they liked what they found. If you continue to reach them with value, then you’re nurturing the lead smartly.

The immense popularity of Facebook and Twitter have drawn many. The emotional connection is great, but “selfie” content can make you look shallow.  Good content on the other hand can push you bank into the “credible” category.


If you’re not getting it right, perhaps we can help


Ouch, Don’t Send the Wrong Message

I’ve seen enough property management companies and Realtors with websites that send the wrong message. Some suggest that they’re in the past, circa 1999. If you’re in the antique business, that’s wonderful.

Brand image is no joke.  People see your credibility and intent fairly quickly.  You can get it right with really good content.

What Are These People Looking For?

Client prospects always search on Google to find answers for business challenges or to confirm that you’re right for them.  Some Realtors and property managers spend quite a bit to show they’re the go to resource for market knowledge on their website. That’s wise.

But clients are into social media too, so they’re looking for more than just factual information. They want a good experience — to feel good about their pursuit and decision.

With a shallow website, you won’t be giving them that good feeling. With good content, you’re proving you are the answer to their challenges — hope, goals, happiness.  Deliver that information in a way that makes them appreciate what you’re saying.

Yet, what is Great Content — Data, Actionable Insight, or Feels Good?

It’s all of the above.

There are plenty of research sites with relevant data that no one buys. Why? It’s expensive, and they put the visitor through the ringer while they decide whether it’s worth buying it. Customers get frustrated with no guidance, vague promises and poor answers. In other words, no supporting content.

You need good content, that’s easy to understand, clearly reassures the visitor that they’re not wasting their time, conveys the specific value they want, gives them a taste, and confirms what they believe. The content gives a big picture promise of satisfaction and has enough detail to provide proof.

Dry Data Listings and Here’s our Stuff Websites

I’ve pleaded with my bosses throughout decades not to produce “here’s our stuff” marketing pieces. Only billion dollar corporations can get away with that.  SMBs need to take a friendlier, sincere tone, creating a friendship with customers. It may not blow them away, but it builds trust.

High Rankings and Broad Social Reach

High Google rankings, if you can achieve them, also feed your social media connections and engagement. Most social shares arise because of Google users, not your usual FB connections.  It’s an important thing to understand.

If you can get Google or FB visitors to stay on your content for 5 minutes, you’ve done well. 5 minutes is the start of something. Chances are they’ll share it with others — that’s how you build reach.

Good content is informative, helpful, and generates emotion. Written correctly it makes people feel good and makes you look like an intelligent, wise, and credible property manager or Realtor.

We all know it’s hard to create a lead and convert a sale. We have extensive experience in SEO and content strategy and we can help you.

Don’t wait, get first in line and contact us now for FREE customized content for your website.

This is just a start to high quality marketing and it’s free. You’ve got nothing to lose to start moving forward and establish your leadership in your market.

Contact us Now!


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