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PM Grow Summit Continues!

PM Grow Summit

Grow Summit was one of many property management conferences and trade shows held throughout the year.

Unfortunately, it’s organizers have decided to discontinue  the event.  Fortunately, we exhibit at many other events and are looking forward to meeting you in person and discussing your business needs in 2023. Let’s talk technology, automation, marketing, operations and maintenance, to help you find the right SaaS software solution.

PM Grow Summit’s theme focused on growth for property management companies using knowledge and new technologies.

The event brought together another round of great speakers on very relevant topics for the year ahead. It gave attendees an opportunity to meet industry experts, active landlords and property managers hoping to improve their businesses for this profitable period ahead in the next 5 years.

Special Property Management Expert Sessions

Today at 10:50 am, Gwenn Aspen of Anequim Remote Professional Services shares her expert insights on the matter of remote work, and then at 3:45 in the afternoon, Jock McNeill of Nexthomewcp, shares his expertise on on property management acquisitions.

At 9:00 am, Marie Tepman of Fourandhalf welcomes the audience and is speaking of the Ghosts of Marketing Past Present and Future.

Next at 9:45, Catrina Linhard of Latchell moderates a panel on Innovative streams of income. Then at 11:15, Daniel Craig speaks on the Power of Profit, sure to excite property managers and landlords both as we enter 2022.

Attendees can choose to visit downtown San Diego’s restaurants, or could wander over to the ManageCasa Booth #21 to discuss property management software, a vital topic for progressive rental property managers. We’ll be delighted to speak with you.

After lunch, Jen Sells of Latchel will begin a debate on Market Consolidation. As you know large companies are buying and that trend is likely to impact you in some way.

At 2:45, Ethan Lieber of Latchel will moderate a panel of rental industry leaders for an interesting discussion. To close off the speaker sessions today, Frank (The Legend) Shamrock will deliver his keynote address on the Warriors Code. Should be interesting.

PM Grow Summit Floor Level at the San Diego Convention Center

PM Grow Summit Expo, Floor Level at the San Diego Convention Center 2022

Wednesday, March 2nd will offer topic discussions including emerging tech topics you’ll enjoy:

Zach Bekampas of LeadSimple speaks on the matter of losing key employees and how to use your property management system to ease the pain and make your transition. Grace Doering speaks on the new standard in leasing, and Lilly Liu speaks on how to use smart tech as a powerful profit tool as a digital amenity.

Trade Shows and Conferences in 2022

Be sure to see the full schedule of property management events for 2023.  These events are a great opportunity to rejuvenate, revitalize, learn and grow. Speaking with industry experts and making special connections in the industry is particularly wise for new property management company entrepreneurs.

ManageCasa’s team is looking forward to meeting you this year and helping you grow your rental property business.

See the  Convention and Trade show schedule.  We’ll be list more local conventions, trade shows and conferences as they are announced and detailed in 2023. Explore ManageCasa’s cloud-based property management software.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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