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Playground Structures for HOAs and Communities

September 21, 2023

Playgrounds Enhance Community Living

Play is a vital part of your community member’s lives and it needs to be enabled and nurtured.

From baseball to tennis to skateboard and splash pads, and creative playground playsets, everyone enjoys the physical activity and the socialization they provide.

Just the sight of kids having fun on a park playground structure lightens everyone’s mood and creates a sense of harmony and satisfaction in living in the community. Good feelings are a key objective because the payoff for HOA’s and condo associations is real. It’s very good for both you and your residents.

Creating a Real Sense of Community and Satisfaction

When you see elaborate playground facilities, it visibly proves your community is investing in itself, caring about its residents, and is building an active, connected membership of caring residents. It protects the neighborhood, improves spirit and health, and even maintains property values.

In terms of value, playgrounds make a community more vibrant, supporting residents’ lives, thus decreasing alienation which is a big problem in modern times.

Happy Residents are Happy to Pay their Dues

Communities with amenities and playgrounds are seen as more livable and valuable to residents. With recreation facilities, parks, and playground sets, members are more willing to pay their HOA dues or community association dues and volunteer.

Members often question whether their HOA fees are delivering value to them. Playgrounds bring focus to the value members want, and proves the HOA management team is performing well.

Very popular kid’s playground park in Canada.

A Sense of Community

A major purpose of an HOA or community association is to foster community among residents.

Planned and designed well, parks and playgrounds can boost home values too. Buyers don’t just look at houses or condos, they look at the livability of a neighborhood for their kids. It’s a huge factor in their buying decision or whether to rent a house/apartment in the community.

Before you can build the park playgrounds and other amenities needed, you’ll need to convince residents its worthwhile. You’ll need to prepare for the “pre-suasion” carefully,  to highlight the needs of your community first and to get some initial input. They must be made aware before you pose the opportunity and expense to them.

What Will You be Looking for as You Plan your Playgrounds?

  • research the need in your community (demographics)
  • appoint decision makers in your board meeting
  • best locations for a playground/park area
  • assess how much funding is needed to develop and build structures/playsets
  • which elements are needed (structures, spray pads, swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts, bike park, shade structures, winter skating rink, kids baseball park, playsets with climbing apparatus, swings, and slides
  • what size and complexity of playground structures are needed?
  • how to present it at your board meeting to homeowners and residents?

Playgrounds Nurture Vital Life Skills

Today’s kids live in a highly structured and virtual world where free play and creativity and just being themselves is rarely possible.

Playgrounds are professionally engineered and designed to help kids play, build curiosity, explore, discover new things,  engage socially with other kids, act independently, and simply enjoy their experiences. It’s a real antidote to social alienation so prevalent today.  It’s also valuable to help them develop physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The structures and components have also been designed to assist in the development of physical traits such as strength, courage, flexibility, stamina, and coordination.

As you can see in the photos, these play structures can range from simple for small age groups to massive multistory structures for kids of all ages. There’s little doubt that cost will be a factor in your choice as you seek the best playground for your community.

It’s all about fun, happiness, creative exploration, and the right of kids to just be themselves. It’s the future of your community and your business.

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