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June 27, 2022

New Amenities for 2022

It’s summer once again, the perfect time to think about adding new amenities for tenant enjoyment. Some are simple while others might come at some expense and setup time, but almost always met with approval from your loyal tenants.

Kids playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, barbecue party areas, swimming pools, garden areas, are all seeing more usage, whether in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, or California up to Illinois and New York.  And kids playgrounds, barbecues, and tenant parties are a big emotional outlet for those living in higher density, multifamily developments.

And it’s not just the physical release, oxygen, and freedom that makes the experience.  Some tenants are very social minded and do not like being by themselves for such a long time. This summer of 2022 will be much better.

We’ve Already Headed Outdoors for the Summer

And as more rental residents receive their 2nd vaccination shot, they’ll be increasingly interested in outdoor cafes, seaside cafes, downtown street bars, and other facilities that are normally crowded during the summer.  Tenants may expect or desire a variety of amenities on rental development properties too.

It could be a busy summer for HOA managers as well, as community recreation facilities begin seeing much higher usage by association members. Of course, landlords and property managers will be expected to have these amenities in place and in working order. The lack of these attractive features could affect renter’s choice to stay leased or move onto new rental opportunities.

Having extra amenities in place might be the biggest helper in attracting new renters and should be mentioned in your rental ads, helping you to achieve higher rent prices. Find ways to offset or write off the extra costs for keeping pools clean, lawns trimmed, offering extra storage space, installing kids playground equipment, or arranging tenant parties. See more ideas for tenant parties.

Never underestimate the need for these strange or prestigious amenities. The stress of the pandemic restrictions has wrought much suffering for millions of trapped renters who now realize their units were not designed for 24 hour occupation.

Top Outdoor Amenities for Renters Post Pandemic

  • pool areas with lounge chairs, sunshades, and tables
  • games areas and sports courts
  • exercise rooms with equipment
  • patios and roof decks
  • garden areas with benches for leisurely relaxation
  • luscious grass areas for yoga, wellness, picnicking or movie night parties
  • luscious green lawns, landscaping, new trees and flower beds
  • dog parks to let dogs socialize and run freely
  • outdoor work areas for work at home people to get a break from indoor work in an apartment
  • increased security (digital keys) on grounds

Read more on what tenants want and about organizing tenant parties.

A Fun Summer for Sociable People

Summer of 2021 should be joyful time for tens of millions of people. We’re not out of the pandemic of course, so shared amenities still require maintenance and cleaning.

Sure all of this raises costs and expenses, but finding additional amenities and services for your tenants will grow long term value and revenues. Extra fees for the swimming area, or dog park, or storage space are easy enough to set up via your property management software.

So there you have some initial ideas of how to build valuable amenities that will help you attract and keep tenants, grow new services, and potentially raise rent for extra value delivered.

For more inspiration, take a closer look at the short term rental sector.

The rental rates being charged by Airbnb and other short term rental operators shows us how highly these amenities are prized. Consider that many tenants spend thousands of dollars on travel packages just to enjoy a natural area, a beach, swimming pool or hot tub. And if people are commuting longer distance to work this summer, they’ll need to relax even more.

If this moves you to make one significant improvement on your property to help tenants enjoy their lives more, then our work is done.  The benefits will flow back to you.

Don’t forget to check out ManageCasa property management software. It has some great features to help you manage tenants more successfully and add revenue growing services.


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