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Online Polling Software for HOAs and Community Associations

Polling and the Business Power of Questions

What if you had a crystal ball to peer into your member’s minds and hearts? And what if you could dazzle them with your empathy and understanding of what they want?

Online polls and member surveys can help you build insights and better rapport with residents or members.

ManageCasa’s new eVoting and Polling feature (included in your ManageCasa All in One Platform subscription) helps you tap into that value as we’ll explain.  See the full benefits of online polling below and our impressive association management platform features.

The Big Picture View on Polling and Surveys

Polls and surveys are a useful way to gather intelligence as well as to communicate important ideas to members. It’s more than just polling to get feedback from residents. It’s a form of business communication.

Questions are powerful when designed to communicate. And given that clarity, your members will participate and respond more. This helps you achieve quorum and encourage member commitment to your board and management team.

With ePolling and eSurveys, you can showcase your commitment to innovative practices that resonate with your members.

Well-designed polls and surveys can improve member’s perception of your board, your plans, and management team and services too. Questions are an entirely different route to create positive awareness and make your job easier.

Preparing for Elections and Big Association Decisions

You want to hold successful board elections and eVoting software is definitely a big help in ensuring elections go well.

But what about the many months leading up to those elections? Is this the time to poll your residents to discover more about them and how they feel about issues, before preparing resolutions? Do members even try to educate themselves on association goals, challenges, rules, policies and limitations?

The more you know, and more you can get residents to express themselves, the more effective you can be. This helps in ensuring board elections work for members of your HOA or Community association.

The Power of ePolling and Surveys

When you have eVoting, epolling and esurveys integrated into your association management platform, you’ll enjoy these actionable benefits:

  1. enabling and encouraging more resident participation
  2. increase transparency
  3. increase member/resident response rates
  4. data security
  5. improve trust, fairness and confidence
  6. keep polls active for many days
  7. allow members to respond anonymously
  8. allow for members to offer additional comments/views
  9. flexibility in polling options
  10. anywhere, anytime participation

In-Person, Paper Polls: Not Great Results

With in-person and paper-based polls of residents, you’re handcuffed by the fact that residents don’t attend frequently so you’re not able to gather intelligence. And when they take it home with them, they may never mail it in. They just don’t want the bother.

Of course, you may be required to provide a hybrid paper/digital polling/evoting service and ManageCasa is ready to help you with our RealMail™ service — a feature you’ll be excited about.

Gravitating to digital surveys and polls gives them instant access and via their own smartphone. This greatly increases the likelihood of them participating and responding. With that in mind, you can focus your time on creating effective polls and surveys that respond to your association goals.

Integration: No Friction but Maximum Benefits

When your polling solution is integrated into your association management platform, it works better for your business needs.

And if you’re currently using popular consumer apps like Survey Monkey or Survey Planet and being unable to correlate your polls with voting, resolutions, and to create branded reports quickly, you’re now emancipated.

It’s all about platform integration, business insights and cutting your staff workloads.  Using the polling/survey feature of ManageCasa is the surest sign you respect your time and want better meetings and voting results.

Let’s briefly review why you’re conducting polls and how online polls improve association success:

  1. Gathering Feedback: Polls provide a structured way to collect feedback from residents about various aspects of community life, sentiment, rates, fees, fines, dues, and satisfaction with association management. This helps you understand the concerns, preferences, and priorities of your members.
  2. Gauging Majority Opinion and Forecasting: Opinion polls/surveys to understand how residents feel about the given subject, what might be creating those opinions, and how they might vote on resolutions.
  3. Decision Making: Community association decisions on changes in rules, amenities, or budget allocations affect residents. Conducting polls allows them to involve residents in the decision-making process, ensuring that decisions respond to the collective preferences of the community, for faster and better outcomes.
  4. Prioritizing Issues: By polling residents, you can uncover the most pressing issues or concerns within the community. This helps you to prioritize initiatives or projects important to the majority of residents.
  5. Increasing Engagement: Polls help engage residents and foster a sense of inclusiveness and community. When residents feel their opinions are being heard and considered, it helps create a more positive and participatory community atmosphere.
  6. Conflict Resolution: In cases where there are differing opinions or conflicts within the community, polls can be used to gauge the overall sentiment and find common ground. This data-driven approach aids in resolving disputes and making decisions that are more acceptable to residents.
  7. Long-Term Planning: Long-term planning for the community’s development and maintenance is improved. Polls can provide insights into residents’ expectations for the future, helping the association make informed decisions about infrastructure, landscaping, and other aspects of community planning.
  8. Compliance with Governing Documents: Some HOAs are required by their governing documents or state laws to seek resident input on certain matters. Your online polls ensure the association is complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
  9. Promoting Transparency: When you involve residents in decision-making processes through polls, it increases transparency, something positive to keep your brand image squeaky clean. Transparent decision-making builds trust among residents thus decreases misunderstandings or disputes.
  10. Membership Satisfaction: Polls and surveys around the level of satisfaction among residents show empathy and a willingness to improve. You can gauge overall satisfaction with community living in many different ways.


Are you ready to transition over to polling, survey and eVoting software designed specifically for HOAs and community associations?  Your association deserves a dedicated, modern association management software platform.  Now you have one!

Contact our sales team to discuss your needs at 1.415.800.1245 or 1.800.998.6627.


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