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Online Marketing for Property Managers

July 15, 2019

Digital Marketing Increasingly Important

For property management companies, the value generated from digital marketing can make the difference between success and failure into 2021.

Why?  Because industry turnover is quickening and costs are rising, property owners are under more cash flow pressure, and looking to digital technology to ease the pain. Technology is great, but optimizing your operations isn’t the only piece of the success puzzle.

Generating Continuous Leads is Vital to Business Health

Your company needs to be visible and generate leads. A re-emphasis of online marketing and attracting leads is intelligent.

Regardless of whether you’ve fully adopted property management technology and want to grow or not, you need to reach new renters and property owners.

Judging by most property management company websites and their presence online, marketing is perhaps the poorest skill of most property managers.  You’re wise to get serious about property management marketing and lead generation.

Market and Customer Insight is King

Yet the value of modern marketing comes via better reach to today’s younger renters, active property owners, and learning more about their specific needs. It also means higher visibility and a steadier flow of leads.  And customer insight is essential too.

This is why Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have built their cloud infrastructures. It’s all about access to essential market and consumer information.

Increasingly, marketing information systems drive business decisions.

Staying Ahead to Lead Your Local Market

Complacency is a horrible thing. Allowing your competitors to capture the available audience can only mean trouble down the road.  And even to capture your local, city or regional market, you must make a good effort with your property marketing.

One way to stay ahead of all economic and business threats is to maximize your online marketing — because a continuous stream of tenant leads and property management leads trumps all problems.


Like farmers planting seed in the spring, online marketing predicts what your business will harvest


Marketing is Alive and Well

Of course, you may have heard that online marketing is dead. They say the market is too congested, ads too expensive, and SEO and content not really effective.

Marketing and business academics believe the new marketing is via product improvement and promotion within your products and services. But with no audience, no actual customers and prospects, your “new marketing” has no reach — no continuous stream of prospects.

Any business in any sectors, requires gaining visibility, then attracting  people to your website then phoning or messaging you.

That’s your lead funnel building property management leads and new tenant leads.  It’s a lead funnel conversion process that isn’t easy, because your competitors might be doing it well.  Take a good look at your local competitors and get an idea of how they are doing online marketing.

An optimized website is a wonderful thing. With your ManageCasa subscription you might build your property management website.  The core foundation for a brand boosting presence online.  Learn more about ManageCasa websites.

Owner and Investors are Searching for Property Management Services

Prospects are out there looking for you but are they finding your company?

For example, if a landlord is needing your services for his/her buildings, they’ll search on Google. Google has the lion’s share of Internet traffic – and good leads — active customers seeking services and information. Everyone uses Google even if they have a product or service provider in mind. It’s an expectation everyone has of Google search — it helps us all learn something and make better decisions, and even purchase.

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Let’s say they do a search for property management company, Los Angeles.

You’ll see a mix of paid ad placements and the natural organic listings in your search results. For instance, notice the nice visibility has here. They have a Google maps business placement and a regular organic ranking too. Very nice, and they don’t have to pay for anything!

Google has credibility and trust with its users and you get to leverage that.  So searchers view these property management companies they see listed as relevant and trustworthy. That’s a nice branding boost.

The Google maps service even shows where they’re located. So convenient. Google pipes these leads forward to these companies. They receive active, eager prospects right to their door at a key point in that person’s search for a property management solution. That’s why advertisers pay up to $30 per click for these top of page Google Ads spots.

Prospects Won’t Call You Unless They Can Find You

Awareness, brand messaging, engagement, and incentives are part of a winning business strategy. That’s how a product or brand with mediocre quality can actually capture the market. And, these companies can boast of their superior quality and value in the market! The audience tends to believe whatever they’re told by whoever is visible. Seeing is believing.

Using online marketing effectively a get your message to your clients/tenants is vital for success in 2019.

Property Management Firms Don’t do Marketing

Competitors are focusing on your weaknesses and making themselves look better.  Smart property managers spend 20% of revenue on marketing.

Walkins, phone inquiries, and word of mouth still exist, but increasingly these leads come from digital media (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing, Yelp, Twitter, apps) via mobile smartphones. Get your company positioned online and word of mouth will blossom.

Your Online Property Management Business Marketing Plan

Check out our post on property management leads to see what packaged lead gen services the best property managers are using. Most leads come from Google, however for property management leads, Linkedin and Facebook can reach tenants, landlords, investors and more. Yelp offers advertising services too yet they get most of them via search engines. Alternatively, and perhaps better, is doing your own online marketing.

6 Easy Steps to Getting Visible Online

Here’s a quick list of must-do’s:

  1. create and optimize your website (ensure your marketing pages communicate your services and value proposition clearly and make it easy for them to contact you)
  2. create helpful, relevant blog posts (this is information and events that excite your audience)
  3. setup and use your social media accounts – engage with customers and on Facebook (have some fun and connect to them as people)
  4. advertise on Facebook, Linkedin and Google (they have very well targeted reach to landlords, tenants, and investors)
  5. offer incentives so visitors will provide their email contact info so you can reach them
  6. use an analytics solution to keep track of where your website visitors are coming from and which sources give you high quality leads.

A local web design firm can set you up with a usable website and help setting up social media accounts. From there, you can manage posting news, and other information your tenants/clients are interested in. This keeps you top of mind and makes you look accessible.

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If you’re looking to dominate your property management market, well, then you’ll need some help from professional marketers. Yes, it’s competitive, but never overrate the possibilities.

Whichever route you take, you’re putting your property management services company on the road to sustainable success. Attract the right customers, give them a great online experience, and the rest will take care of itself.


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