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Next Generation Property Management Software

Next-Gen Platforms Make your Work Easy

Property managers, HOA managers and landlords are clamoring to adopt new technology to solve their growing work and business problems.

It’s a big ask for a technology platform to handle the volume and complexity of a successful rental management company. Yet, this is the role that software developers are building their platforms to accomplish.  The platform becomes a foundation for their entire operations from financial/accounting to leasing and payments to maintenance and tenant services.

For mid-market-sized landlords, the need for automation this year is pronounced as rents begin to lower and inflation remains. Margins are shrinking and debt refinancing becomes a serious threat.  There are staffing, service expectations, data compliance, and other demands that make legacy software a significant liability.

The answer of course, is automation via software and tools that give landlords a real sense of mastery over property, transactions and tenant relations.

The meaning of NEXT-GEN is referred to as a potential, forthcoming, or brand-new version of an existing product or technology that has been developed recently and is likely to replace current products or legacy technology. But the next generation may have already arrived.

Given most property management software now resides on AI-powered cloud servers and leverages predictive programming to optimize data flows, detect fraud, and automate reports, it can be considered AI-powered software. And most have adopted AI-powered chatbots to respond to consumer inquiries.

The line between automation and artificial intelligence isn’t well understood.  Without getting nitpicky then, we can say property management is in a next-generation phase in, where work processes are automated.

There is doubt and risk.  Although some property management software firms are boasting about their AI-powered solutions, most have simple machine learning protocols and cloud hosting. It’s an overstatement. The question remains as to whether an AI bot can handle human inquiries effectively without damaging relations, and whether the bot can be entrusted to handle invoices, payments, accounting decisions, and maintenance tickets.

Next-Generation/Advanced Technology?

Industry people may struggle with who gets to name what is advanced or NEXT-GEN and what isn’t. The answer depends on the user because each views specific features as useful or irrelevant depending on their business needs and goals.

Building maintenance managers might look to IoT or predictive analytics as “modern technology” whereas landlords would see accounting automation as the vital improvement and practical property and association managers may view mobile apps and versatile payment systems as the latest and greatest. Underfunded property management startups are leaning heavily on the promise of AI to run their “set it and forget it” business operations.

Whatever your specific niche or role is, broadly speaking, next-generation platform features open up a world of speed, data security, mobile access and advanced services that are in demand right now. This is driving the transition to new cloud-based, all in one software as a service which has all the essentials you need to run your business.

Many landlords don’t realize that their legacy software is seriously outdated and incompatible with the new cloud-powered business environment.

New services run via the cloud because the cloud is powerful, and efficient, provides key service extensions, flexibility, and cost savings that really make a difference.  And they also enable additional revenue streams.

Key Advantages of Next Gen Solutions:

  • integrated property management features
  • advanced communications capability keeps everyone on the same page in real time
  • automation in accounting cuts errors and rework
  • cloud hosting and processing means always secure, up to date, and available
  • allows you to manage any type of rental property or asset anytime anywhere
  • secure mobile data access on any device
  • integrated marketing makes tenant acquisition easy
  • easy document sharing via the cloud
  • massive storage of documents and data

Advanced Functionality Gives You More Power

New next gen systems provide hardware and software enhancements which open up a new level of service capability. ManageCasa brings all tasks under one dashboard. It is the ultimate in property management technology.

Even cloud technology itself is undergoing next-generation advancementsManageCasa for instance uses the AWS cloud which keeps expanding and delivering new capabilities for its platform clients including mobile work solutions. Amazon Cloud’s AI capabilities learn and create new efficiencies.

AI Property Management Tools

Aside from ManageCasa™ on the AI-powered cloud, here are a few other real estate-related products that providing new AI-powered benefits:

  1. Showdigs: Showdigs for landlords and real estate agents is compatible with most property management software systems and leverages AI in various tools within its leasing software suite. “Listing Shield™” uses AI to identify and remove fraudulent property listings, and “Tori” is a customizable AI leasing assistant that handles personalized responses and scheduling for single-family property managers.
  2. LeaseHawk LeadScore AI: Utilizes AI to transcribe inbound phone calls, categorizing them by the caller’s intent and identifying lead sources. ACE is their fully autonomous and omnichannel AI leasing and renter experience solution which adds efficiency to your entire leasing process, to create human-like connections by engaging and nurturing your renters, 24/7 across all your digital marketing channels.
  3. Stan AI Assistant for Property Management.  STAN answers questions from residents in your community about maintenance, account information, amenity booking, etc used by Multifamily landlords and HOA association managers. It integrates with property management software platforms. STAN provides residents access for inquiries, service requests, and amenity bookings, all through text.
  4. Mezo:  Mezo is an AI-assisted property maintenance intelligence tool used to improve resident response, resolve issues faster, unlock actionable insights, and add labor bandwidth.  The software boosts operational efficiency by reducing the time needed to review, triage, dispatch, and schedule by 25%. Mezo can help your maintenance technicians with AI-assisted insights, and de-escalate routine issues and correctly identify and escalate emergencies.
  5. Trudi®: This AI-powered assistant handles calls and inquiries and generates replies to even the most complex questions from tenants, owners and suppliers.  Trudi integrates with your form provider so you can create, send and track signatures on forms, straight from your inbox and pre-populate all forms with tenancy, property and company data,  to reduce manual data entry and save you time.

  6.  An AI-powered leasing solution that automatically prequalifies all incoming leads based on your custom criteria, ensuring only the best potential tenants get your time and energy.  It offers a flexible report builder to easily analyze your data, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced business tracking. It scans active listings, obtains valuable data, and stays informed about rental market conditions, enabling you to make informed rental pricing decisions.



“ManageCasa: Streamlined processes and intelligent automation allows your team to focus on serving your tenants and communities and providing an outstanding tenant and owner experience.”



Find out more about switching to next-generation software, or arrange a demo of ManageCasa with our product experts if you need help. We’re here to ensure this important transition is a big success.

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