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Introducing ManageCasa’s Enhanced User Experience

ManageCasa Announces its Largest Software Release Yet!

This new, major release of our property management software positions the ManageCasa™ platform to better serve the mid-market and enterprise business segments.

ManageCasa’s management team recognized an opportunity to establish an edge in a software sector plagued with interface usability and user experience problems. This new release makes ManageCasa™ more enjoyable, functional, and powerful for property management staff and association managers.

Notable product enhancements include:

  • improved in-app navigation
  • improved dashboard UI/UX for faster insights and real-time data
  • better integration with financials
  • improved communication, maintenance and other processes
  • opens improved services for both rental managers and community associations


ManageCasa’s CEO Peter Koch said “This update signifies our commitment to provide an impeccable user experience. While our clients have always loved our interface, we believe in continuously raising the bar.”


Rental Industry Professional’s Feedback Confirms this update will be Successful

After positive feedback from enterprise-level property management firms at recent major conventions, ManageCasa™ proves it is in on track to grow its market share in the competitive software space.

ManageCasa™ continues to lead in innovation in digital property management, providing the vision and tools for modern property managers.

Customers will soon enjoy an array of new features, capabilities, and partnerships in the coming weeks and months, and we invite requests for product demos from large property management firms.

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