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The property management and rental real estate industry are complex and fast-growing sectors which consumers and investors may not understand well.

This is why attending one of the major industry events in 2023 is wise. You can connect with news makers and experts at any of the NARPM, NAA, or REALTOR sponsored event this year. See the 2023 conference calendar and make your travel plans.

The misconceptions and expectations result in investors and entrepreneurs not seeing the potential of rental properties as a high return investment at a time when most markets are in a steep downturn and a housing crisis exists.

Homeowners have plenty of equity in their homes to participate as landlords. And they have the spending power to invest and contribute to a resolution of the housing crisis while building a safe and profitable return for themselves.

Media have given landlord investors, big and small a bad rap, and the result is less investment in rental housing.

Given these myths, recession fears, and prejudices about the rental market, investors of all kinds will never discover the opportunities that are accessible. This awareness of the rental market and its positives must come from national and local journalists.

Rental Property Outperforming

Contrast rental income property to cryptocurrency, meme stocks, and high P/E equities in the past 9 months, and you realize the rental market is providing outstanding returns. Landlord/owners have something to show for it. Rental property is a tangible, real asset that doesn’t disappear. It creates much more than a lowly dividend and can generate significant wealth.

Some stats provided by give a nice overview of the rental investment market:

Rental Investment Market participation 2022.

Rental Investment Market participation 2022. Screenshot courtesy of

Conferences, Expos and Conventions

Conferences and trade shows take place throughout the year, and these are important events which journalists, real estate investors, and PropTech bloggers should be encouraged to attend, for free of course!

We recently exhibited at EXPO REAL in Germany, last year at OpTech in National Harbor, Maryland, USA, and we’ll be at the NMHC OpTech in Las Vegas on November 1st to 3rd 2022.

Please drop by our booth to discuss the industry, the technology, the future of management, investing and more.  We’d be happy to help you find the key people you need to speak with. Vegas is a wonderful location for an exciting fall business trip.

Conference Organizers Confronted with Audience Reach Shortfalls

Property Conference organizers are challenged by the goal of building an audience and reaching attendees. A few events have seen lower than normal participation because landlords, property managers and real estate investors aren’t being reached about the potential of rental property and efficient management.

And sometimes the value proposition isn’t up to where it needs to be. But we know the value is there. These in person events impact people in ways that virtual promotion can’t.

Industry stats show rent prices are consistent, renters are employed with good wages, and investment in properties comes with tax advantages. The cost of managing properties too has dropped, which means upscaling landlords can outsource management if desired, due to better management practices and lower fees.

Your value proposition is in discovering the richest investment opportunities and the key tools for success.  Audiences need to discover this too.

Buy the Dip Opportunity Coming in 2023?

With respect to real estate, we’re approaching a buy the dip opportunity. Property prices could plummet, and yet rent prices will likely not.  If the recession isn’t that deep and supply chains are bolstered, we might see a strong resurgence in the real estate and rental property markets after this downturn.

This is in turn promotes demand for new construction and property management technology (PropTech).

Opportunity for Authority Leadership for Journalists

The potential of the US rental property market in particular, creates an important role for bloggers and journalists. It offers some great opportunities for stories, news reports and experiences, including videos, case studies, to help you establish yourself with your targeted audiences.

The Conference and Trade show events are active, dynamic with plenty of valuable speaker sessions and networking opportunities to help investors reach experienced pros who know where the best opportunities are.

With lower attendance in the last 2 years, attendees and journalists have had more opportunity to reach industry experts and get extra time with them.  Lot’s of opportunity and story ideas for fresh, updated news videos and published articles. Fresh is important on Google and Facebook news feeds, and publishers love something trendy.

The media themselves are desperate for news of real value and solutions to the current business and economic challenges.

Check out the events and images of major conferences we’ve attended and the conventions still ahead such as next month’s NMHC OpTech conference in Las Vegas. We explore many of the critical issues in the property management space in our blog. It’s a great place to start to get yourself immersed and oriented to find the top stories.

Key questions for Journalists to investigate:

  • is the rental property sector investible?
  • how is technology allowing landlords to scale up for increased ROI?
  • which internet technologies are key to this market’s future?
  • when do landlords consider hiring property management companies?
  • are landlords fulfilling renters wants and needs?
  • how are automation and AI being implemented in property management?
  • can investor’s investments make a difference to today’s housing crisis?
  • are governments supporting landlord’s valuable contribution to their communities?
  • how are property management company’s faring amidst this downturn?
  • will a housing crash have any effect on the rental market in 2023?
  • which cities and states would likely provide the best ROI for investors?
  • are tax deductions for rental properties a sufficient benefit?
  • why is the build to rent sector enjoying such solid demand?
  • what is the next generation property management software?
  • which property management business models will still be viable in 2023?
  • how can landlords improve their return on rental property investment?
  • should a homeowner renovate to build vital income for their retirement?

When you attend the conferences, you’ll not only get answers to these questions with real life stories for your audience, you’ll gain expertise in the industry, giving you an authoritative brand as a journalist.

It’s a good argument for building expertise in what is one sector that’s actually performing well. And there’s more potential for your audience of investors, Realtors, home buyers, managers, and services providers to explore.

The conventions and trade shows spawn the largest most emotional interest in property management and rental property business. It will be a valuable addition to your expertise and influence.


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