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National Feel Good Day!

June 01, 2020

National Feel Good Day!

It was only 5 years ago that someone first suggested proclaiming one day each year for feeling good. They named July 15th as Feel Good Day.

It was a suggestion. Maybe we should support it?  Which day do you think would be perfect for just feeling good — making a message to children, workers, and everyone that it’s okay to take a time out, just to feel good?

Well Being World has a similar event, called World Well Being Week  to be held starting June 22nd. It’s not quite the same, but is a great idea. And then there’s Happy Hour, widely celebrated, but that doesn’t quite do the trick.

Taking a Time Out

The Corona Virus threat is taxing people’s minds and bodies, so we really should lift that dark veil for one day. It might change a lot of people’s bleak outlook. It could lift our lives and businesses.

I like National Feel Good Day as a day of ease and rest on my deck or spent with a few friends. Socializing and sports right now is not in keeping with being personally at ease. Once we’ve got the vaccine, we can return to more socializing.

Our National Feel Good Day this year can be about worry free relaxation and a national break from our routine.

Kids know feeling good is a necessary part of the day.

A Break From All the Bad News

Couldn’t we use a quiet boost from a National Feel Good Day?  The daily toll from the media, riots, poverty, financial pressures, crime, homelessness is a serious problem. We might break our ruts deliberately by creating a day where people can just let go of their troubles and ease their minds — and to remove the bad news people for a while.

The impact on kids would be profound — a message to them that it’s okay for everyone to feel good, to feel well even during a pandemic.

And that refreshing feeling you get (you know the one you get while visiting with friends, a sandy beach or a magnificent national park), is the only goal. No requirements, no accomplishments, no worries.

That one single buffer day spread across hundreds of millions of people could create miracles.

No Qualifications or Membership Needed

What if we had a day free from materialism, expectations and strife? An amnesty day free from politics and manipulation where we tune it all out? A day where we don’t need a reason to feel good, no permission, or justification?

I’m pretty sure the kids would go for it. And that should tell us all something about what really matters in life.

Kids Know Best

Kids don’t need a reason to feel good. It’s a built in capacity for joy or attitude that nature gave us.

The kids let us know that enjoying the moment, feeling good about it, and letting that experience guide us is better.

If we’re waiting for disease, war, political conflict, competition, and poverty to disappear, we’d be waiting forever. If everyone from political leaders to business people are feeling good, we’re more likely to conquer poverty and make new rules and goals to alleviate homelessness.

After our Feel Good Day, we can get back to the business of making life better. National Housing Day in Canada  is in the fall. It can’t be just in name though.

We have to make affordable housing a priority. And more rental housing is the solution we need. Housing prices will not fall. The more practical solution is construction of rental housing and helping landlords provide more rental housing so we’ve get a big worry off of our plate.

Let me know in the comments which day of the year you believe is ideal for a national feel good day.

Pass this post on to build some momentum!


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