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Who is the National Apartment Association?

What is the NAA?

The National Apartment Association (NAA) is the leading voice for the rental housing industry in the US.

It is one of many major industry associations which include NMHC, NARPM and Realtors serving both the single family rental and multifamily rental markets.


National Apartment Association

NAA’s 82,000 membership includes landlords, property managers, apartment managers, maintenance services providers, rental investors, industry affiliates and many more professionals in the rental housing industry.

The NAA serves as a trusted, credible resource for many business and non-profit stakeholders in the rental housing industry through advocacy, education and collaboration.  


The National Apartment Association initiatives help apartment managers run their business, join a network of industry professionals, influence influencers in the rental housing industry, advocate for both landlords and renters, as well as organize key events to bring industry pros together.

In 2023, NAA is holding its annual convention called Apartmentalize in Atlanta, Georgia on June 7th to 9th. Along with the NARPM conference and the main Realtor conference, it is an important opportunity for property management firms.

Industry Guidance and Advocacy

Importantly, NAA acts as an advocate for apartment landlords, often defending against misinformation and political unfairness. Landlords and apartment managers have been disparaged during the pandemic, when in fact they play a vital role in their communities, often at high financial and personal risk themselves.


NAAEI Programs

Perhaps the most important service from NAA is the NAA Institute’s educational programs. These provide landlords and residential property managers with learning and training, career development, job boards, and help in achieving industry credentials.

Their online learning service called Visto delivers a variety of online courses and recorded webinars in apartment management which can be taken anytime, anywhere. They offer plenty of sessions related to leasing, maintenance, community management, supplier management, and multi-site supervisor knowledge.

Are you hoping to become an apartment manager, HOA manager or find a job in apartment management? NAA’s career resource section is a good starting point.

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