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NARPM Conference 2022

NARPM Convention 2022 in Las Vegas

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) annual convention and trade show will be held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 17th to 20th, 2022.

As fall closes in and winter looms, Las Vegas might be the perfect location for this year’s big event. Warm weather, sunshine, and plenty of activity on the strip will make for an exciting and memorable convention experience this year.

And the connections, education, and opportunity to ask your most important questions to Proptech vendors and consultants is very important to your property management business.

The Big Event for Property Managers

NARPM is the major professional association for residential property managers globally and in the US.  Landlords, multifamily managers, service contractors and others attend in the tens of thousands and make for a great audience for your company’s services. Members participate in workshops, educational sessions, and more. We’ll keep you updated on conference announcements. Please do bookmark this page.

The best of the Proptech tech and services companies will be attending too. ManageCasa has been a frequent attendee of NARPM events including last year’s Conference and Trade Show in Kansas City.  Find out more about who NARPM is and other events they organize.

Last year’s show was overshadowed by the pandemic, but statistics show business people are travelling again and attending the shows in much greater numbers. You’ll have plenty of time to spend with different experts, advisors, and technology providers to explore options for your business.

2022 and 2023 should be interesting years for growth and improvement, yet where inflation will pose significant challenges for property managers to overcome. The quest is for efficiency, profitability, growth and improved tenant experiences. The event will be a great experience for you and your staff so you can meet these challenges.

PIVOT into the Future

The theme of this year’s conference and trade show is PIVOT into the Future: transforming and adapting. It’s clearly a theme related to quickened pace of technology adoption in property management and the post pandemic resurgence.

While the setting in Las Vegas might be distracting, this city of hotels exemplifies how technology has invaded the rental industry. Get updated on trends, software, challenges and more here on the property management blog. Check out ManageCasa as the right choice when you decide to upgrade or switch to a modern next generation platform.

The event is right next to Las Vegas Blvd, the main street, within the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, which you might remember from the replica Eifel tower prominent on the boulevard.

The agenda includes an incredible 5 days of educational sessions. What’s wonderful about the convention is that it is entirely focused on property management. You’ll find plenty of property management technology, services, and consulting services available in the trade show.

Workshop Sessions at NARPM Conference 2022.

Screenshot courtesy of Workshop Sessions at NARPM Conference 2022.

The full list of attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sessions is still being developed. We’ll have more coverage of the big event in Las Vegas in the coming weeks and months. It’s wise to book your tickets and travel plans now.


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